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Top 10 Best Courier Companies in India

Having something to be delivered within the country or across the world is a difficult thing in the past years. But today, this problem has been given with the best solution and this is through the presence of a number of courier companies. One country that has flourishing industry when it comes to shipping goods and some other stuff is India. In relation to this, here are the top 10 courier companies in India:

10. Overnite Express Limited

It’s in the year 1987 when Overnite Express Limited has started its domestic and international couriering services. From that particular year up to this day, the company is still flourishing in the industry. During its start up years, it only has corporate offices in the progressive cities of Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi. But as years go by, it has managed to put up some more business branches almost everywhere in the country.


9.The Professional Courier Network Limited

It was on November 1, 1987 when this company was incorporated. Its corporate office can be found in the city of New Delhi. There are actually 8 directors who run this excellent courier company. These business professionals aim to provide great jobs to the youngsters of today specially to those who are living in rural areas, which is why they have ideology known as “Rural Employment & Rural Empowerment”.


8. DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited

DTDC was established way back in the year 1990 through its brilliant founder, Subhasish Chakraborty. Year 2000 was a year of great milestone for the company since it was the exact year where it ventured into overseas expansions. This is why DTDC Dubai, UK, and US came into existence. The complete lists of their services are Domestic Services, International Services, Premium Express, Priority Services, Supply Chain Solutions, and the New World Retail.

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7. Gati Limited 

Included in the list of top ten courier firms in India is the Gati Limited. Its excellent services include E-Connect, Express Distribution, Trading Solutions, Cold Chain Solutions, International Services, and Supply Chain Solutions. It was in the year 1989 when Gati Limited was formed. Today, it is not only dominated the industry in India, but also in some other countries in the South Asia as well as in the Asia Pacific regions.


6. First Flight Couriers Limited 

November 17, 1986 was the exact date to remember as far as the foundation day of First Flight Couriers Limited is concerned. There were then 3 business offices set up by the company within India, particularly in the major cities of Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Through the effort of its brilliant founder, O. P. Saboo, and the great responses of the Indian public, the company has been recognized as the biggest domestic courier firm in the country.


5. FedEx India

There is no question why it is one of the top courier companies not only in India but also in the entire world since this is a multinational company. Meaning to say, it has a lot of branches all over the world, and FedEx India is just one of them. FedEx was established way back in the year 1973, and it has its main office in the US state of Texas. Today, it has been providing its excellent couriering services in 220 nations as well as territories.


4.TNT Express 

This is another international courier company that made it in the Indian industry. Its main office can be located in the beautiful and progressive country of Netherlands. In India however, it is nestled in the progressive city of Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. The excellent services of TNT Express cover Parcel Delivery, Courier Service, Freight Service, and some additional services.

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3. DHL Express India Pvt. Ltd.

 Aside from India, this top performing international courier company is also serving over 200 countries in the entire world. It was established way back in the year 1969, and it has managed to flourish not only in the couriering world, but also in the field of Logistics and eCommerce. Its office in India can be located in the city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra.


2. Blue Dart Express Limited 

The truth is, Blue Dart Express Limited is just a DHL’s subsidiary, but it has managed to succeed in the world of Logistics and Courier Solutions. This ISO 9001-2008 registered distribution firm has been partnering to a number of world renowned eCommerce companies. Today, there are over 220 nations as well as territories being reached by the top quality services offered by this company.


1. Indian Postal Service

Top 10 Courier Companies in India

It offers a postal service to the entire people in India, and it is owned and run by the Indian government. It was established way back in the year 1774, and its main office can be located in the capital city of India, New Delhi. It’s considered to be the most-trusted express delivery system in the country.


These are the top 10 courier companies in India that you should know. When it comes to couriering jobs, these companies are really the worth-trusting ones. 

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