Top 10 Best Cooking Oil Brands With Price in India 2016-17

Cooking oil is considered as a very important ingredient in the kitchen. It is considered important in every aspect as it adds a base to all food. However, there are many companies which are offering you cooking oil. The cooking oil is also coming up with different features in them like cholesterol free, fat-free and less oil or something related to that. It is important for us as a customer to note every detail about the oil which we are using so that they can offer us great health. As per the experts, companies are really offering cooking oils at a good rate along with many essential ingredients that can offer us a fit heart.

Let us discuss, about the oils which are very common among customers these days and those brands which they are actually using.

10. Gemini Cooking Oil

Gemini Cooking Oil

This oil is coming from an American brand Cargill and they are offering many ranges in cooking oil under this brand name. They offer oils with a market price of Rs.120 and they have many health nutrients which are essential for the body. If you are looking for Gemini Oil, they manufacture refined oil, vanaspati, Sunflower Oil and many others. It contains rich elements of Nutri V which is essential and Vitamins like A, E and D. Go for this oil and it will offer positive results.

9. Vimal Cooking Oil

Vimal Cooking Oil

For a better taste in food, you may try using the product Vimal Cooking Oil that is coming from the Brand house of Vimal who are manufacturing cooking oils on the broad level. The company is manufacturing cottonseed, groundnut, and rice bran oil, Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil and Soyabean Oil. This product is available at a market price of Rs/440 peer 5 litres of jar.

8. Nature Fresh Cooking Oil

Nature Fresh Cooking Oil

The popular Edible oil manufacturers of America, Cargill are again in the market with their brand Nature Fresh Cooking Oil. Nature Fresh is quiet common and very popular brand in India under cooking oil category. Most of the people know this brand and are purchasing it because this is economical as well. It provides options lie Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Kachi Ghani, Nature Fresh Acti Lite and many other segments too. When it comes to price, they are available with the price of Rs.117 for 1 litre pouch in India.

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7. Nutrela Cooking Oil

Nutrela Cooking Oil

There are Indian manufacturers also popular in the cooking oil manufacturing and there is one company Ruchi Soya Industries Limited which produces Nutrela Cooking Oil. This brand is very well known brand among Indians as every 1 out of 5 residents use this oil in the country. Not only Indian but also very economical and good for health edible oils are coming from this company. They manufacture Soyabean, sunflower and mustard oil and their price is Rs.125 per 1 litre.

6. Mahakosh Cooking Oil

Mahakosh Cooking Oil

There is one more brand coming from Ruchi Soya Industries Limited which is Mahakosh is yet edible oil that is very popular once it was launched in the market few years ago. The only thing is that this brand comes up with different options of edible oils such as soyabean oil, sunflower oil, vanaspati oil, cottonseed oil, groundnut oil and mustard oil. For this oil, you have to pay Rs.80 per 1 litre and it is also good for health too.

5. Dalda Cooking Oil

Dalda Cooking Oil

This oil is not only very popular but very oldest brand in India. Dalda Oil is a brand of Bunge Limited and its 75 years old. There are lots of qualities why a person should go for Dalda. First it is an oldest brand and a very trusted brand in India, second it manufactures edible oils like mustard oil, soyabean oil and sunflower oil, refined vegetable oil. It contains beneficiary nutrients which are good for health and that is why it is considered so prestigious oil. Its one litre pack is available at Rs.110.

4. Dhara Cooking Oil

Dhara Cooking Oil

This is a brand of purity, trust and freshness. Dhara is coming from very popular milk manufacturers of India, Mother Dairy. They are selling this oil at Rs.110 for 1 litre of pouch and are available with rich nutrients which are good for one’s health. There are many oils which come under this brand such as Rich Bran Oil, Mustard Oil, Refined Mustard Oil, Kachi Ghani Oil, Groundnut Oil and Refined Vegetable Oil.

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3. Sundrop Cooking Oil

Sundrop Cooking Oil

Sundrop Oil is also the oldest brands in India which comes from Agro Tech Foods Limited. This oil is considered fresh, light and has necessary Vitamins which plays very important role in keeping people fit. It was introduced in 1989 and since then, it is very popular brand among households. There are different segments comes under this brand such as Lite, Heart lite, Nutrifit, Super lite, Good lite, Olivia, Advanced and many more. This is available at Rs.190 for 1 Litre.

2. Saffola Cooking Oil

Saffola Cooking Oil

Saffola brand always cares for your health especially heart. That is why this brand manufacturers many products which are into the edible oil category and they are good for health as well. These products are good for use on regular days. They contain Nutri Lock Technology, Losorb Technology and Antioxidants in its products. They are available at a price of Rs.130 per litre.

1. Fortune Cooking Oil

Fortune Cooking Oil

Among all companies, this brand, Fortune is not only popular but it is considered as fresh, rich in all nutrients and also offers a guarantee of purity too. Adani Wilmar is the manufacturer of this edible oil which is available in the categories like Mustard Oil, Cotton lite Oil, Rich Bran Oil, Sun lite Oil and very new Vivo Oil. This is available at a rate of Rs.125 per litre.

Through all these oil, you can visualize easily that which oil is good for your budget and for your health before going to purchase them. They are considered as top brands in India and are available everywhere for regular and normal consumption too.



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Updated: November 26, 2016 — 9:08 pm

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