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Top 10 Best Computer/Laptop Keyboards In India

The keyboard is one of the important parts of the computer that allows you to input anything by way of writing on the PC. However, some of us do not pay much attention to this significant hardware piece. Despite the fact today the laptops are rapidly substituting the computers, by the sales of a keyboard is still consistent in the market. Some users need it for the typing purposes or for gaming and in fact for doing any kind of programming.

There are lots of keyboards that are available in the market for your computer system. So, sometimes it becomes little problematic for us to choose the best product from them. In order to solve your issue, here in this article below we are providing you the list of top ten best computer laptop keyboards in India for high performance:

10. Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400R

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400R

This is a wireless keyboard from the famous company Logitech. There is also a transceiver in this keyboard which helps you in connecting from the distances of sixty feet without any kind of trouble such as surroundings or obstacles in the way like furniture, etc. On the other hand, the keys on the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400R are positioned very near to each other for the assistance of the user. The price of Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400R in India is Rs. 2,699.

9. Topre Type Heaven ZA0100

Topre Type Heaven ZA0100

The next name in the list is of Topre Type Heaven ZA0100 which provides electrostatic capacitive keys tha tare the combination of the normal vault-made keys as well as spring built buttons. This is the superb keyboard which provides you all the basic features.The price of Topre Type Heaven ZA0100 in India is Rs 10, 100 which makes this product a quite reasonable one to buy.

8. Microsoft All-in-One

Microsoft All-in-One

This is one more basic wireless keyboard that is very much alike to the laptop keyboard. You will find a touch pad on its side which is not available in the normal keyboards. Besides this, there are no additional programmable keys in this keyboard. The price of Microsoft All-in-One in India is Rs. 1,999.

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7. Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E is again a wireless keyboard which is the best hardware for the gaming. You will not find any entangling wires in this which addsup more to your comfort. You can use it inside the range of the receiver. Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.Ecan also be connected to the tablet sor smart phones and you can easily connect up to 4 devices at one single point of time with this hardware product. Every single connection is designated with a diverse colored light. The price of Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E keyboard in India is Rs. 4,899.

6. Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech K480 is not a big size keyboard; in fact, it is a compact and portable choice hardware product that works on the “AAA” batteries. Due to the availability of the Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily use it with your laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones as well as any other type of interfaces. The price of Logitech K 480 Bluetooth Keyboard in India is Rs. 3,799 which makes it quite affordable to buy.

5. Cherry MX-Board 3.0

Cherry MX-Board 3.0

The fifth name in the list of top ten best computer laptop keyboards is Cherry MX-Board 3.0 keyboard. This product offers the ideal tactile response that is why it is preferred by so many people over the mechanical keyboard. Along with reduced finger movement, this keyboard is much suitable for the typing jobs, instead of the gaming. Therefore, obviously, this specific hardware is quite popular among the office users. The price of Cherry MX-Board 3.0 in India is Rs. 7,499.

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4. Steelseries Apex

Steelseries Apex

This keyboard is certainly an all-rounder keyboard which is appropriate for the gaming as well as for the professional usage. Steel Series Apexis probably the gigantic keyboard that is obtainable in the market at present. The alternative to regulating the brightness and locking up makes this hardware quite useful. It is also beautifully designed that increase its flair more.The price of Steel series Apex in India is Rs6,899.

3. Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Das Keyboard 4 Professional is mainly used by the professionals; this is a product of the Metadot Company that was introduced in the year 2014. But, this keyboard is only compatible with the Windows Operating System. The company has released one new model in the year 2015 that is adaptable to the Mac OS too. The USB point is also situated at the upper edge for a stress-free connectivity. The price of Das Keyboard 4 Professional in India is Rs. 13,999.

2. Roccat Ryos MK Pro

Roccat Ryos MK Pro

Roccat Ryos MK Pro is specially designed for the perpetual gaming fan. This keyboard is worth to buy. Along with the blue color LED backl it keys, it becomes very easy to work on it in the low light rooms. It also devises a USB-Y connector. The price of Roccat Ryos MK Pro in India is Rs. 12,199.

1. Corsair K95 RGB

Corsair K95 RGB

The top name in the list is of Corsair K95 RGB which is committed for the high-tech gaming or graphical designing. The design of this product is amazing which makes it different from the other similar models in looks. Along with the 18 G-keys, this keyboard can be used for any type of programming. The market price of Corsair K95 RGB in India is Rs. 13,499.

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