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Top 10 Best CNG Cars in India with Best Mileage

The eerie time to look for the alternatives is dawning upon us. Gone are the days when we could waste off these non-renewable fuels in the ilk of petrol and diesel. It’s a reason how we stumbled upon the compressed natural gas or CNG.

CNG acts as a great fuel alternative to the other non-renewable ones and reduces the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Many automobile manufacturers offer cars equipped with CNG engine these days.

CNG is predominately found in some cities of India with Delhi being the prime CNG fuel city. We’ll be looking at the ones offered by car manufacturers in the CNG engine segment on our blog today.

So checkout Top 10 Best CNG Cars in India with Best Mileage  

10) Honda Amaze

Honda Amaze

Honda Amaze is one of the sedans offered with a CNG kit out of the factory. It features a 1.2 ltr S MT Plus (i-VTEC) engine. It sports a petrol engine modified with a CNG option.

It supports a mileage of 18 km/kg on CNG fuel.

Price- Rs 6.50 Lakhs

9) Hyundai Xcent

Hyundai Xcent

This one from Hyundai is another sedan packed with CNG kit and is available in selected cities of India. It is powered by a 1.2 ltr 70 Bhp engine and is supported well by the petrol/CNG module kit.

It has a mileage of 19.1 Km/kg and sports two years’ warranty on the car.

Price- Rs 5.37 Lakhs 

8) Maruti Eeco Green CNG 

Maruti Eeco Green CNG

Next one on the list is from Maruti Suzuki. This one’s a Multi Utility Vehicle named as Eeco Green CNG. It remains the only one MUV four wheeler pre-fitted with CNG kit.

It has a petrol/CNG engine with a displacement of 1196 cc that yields a power of 73 Bhp. It provides a mileage of 20 km/kg on CNG fuel.

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Price- Rs 4.25 Lakhs  

7) Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Remember the Ertiga model from Maruti Suzuki, the Life Utility Vehicle? Well, that’s the one we’re talking about. It another one from the clan of Maruti Suzuki featuring CNG kit pre-fitted in the factory.

It has a 1373 cc VVT petrol engine which yields a power of 81 Bhp. It supports a mileage of 22.08 km/kg on CNG fuel and 16.02 km/ltr on petrol. 

Price- Rs 8.13 Lakhs 

6) Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10

Time for a hatchback, aye? Well, this one from Hyundai is the CNG model of the much loved Grand i10. It comes equipped with CNG kit and features the same engine as of 1.2 ltr in the original variant.

It features 5-speed manual transmission and supports seating arrangements for 5 people. The mileage for this one is 22 km/kg on CNG fuel. 

Price- Additional Rs 70,000 on the Regular Price

 5) Tata Indigo eCS

tata indigoecs

This one from Tata is the CNG model of its much loved Indigo series. It has a 1.2 ltr engine with a displacement of 1193 cc. it yields a power of 65 Bhp and a torque of 100 Nm.

The car has seating capacity for 5 passengers and offers two variants in the CNG model. The mileage for this one is stated as 24.6 km/kg of CNG fuel.

Price- Rs 3.96 Lakhs and Rs 4.32 Lakhs 

4) Maruti Suzuki Celerio Green

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Green

Maruti Suzuki has the highest number of CNG offerings in the nation and offers CNG kit for the famed Celerio model. It has the same 1.0 ltr engine with a power of 58 Bhp as with the normal variant.

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The mileage for this one is quite high with a stipulated length of 31.79 km/kg that makes it a worthwhile investment.

Price- Rs 4.99 Lakhs  

3) Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

This one from Maruti Suzuki has the 998 cc petrol engine pre-fitted with CNG kit from the factory. It peaks a power of 59 PS with a torque of 78 Nm.

It offers seating arrangement for 5 people and has a mileage that worth investing upon. The stated mileage reads 32.26 km/kg on CNG fuel and 24.07 km/ltr on petrol.

Price- Rs 4.8 Lakhs 

2) Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Looking for an entry level CNG car, then this one’s the4 perfect fit. It has a 796 cc engine with a power of 40 Bhp and a torque of 60 Nm. It supports 5-speed manual transmission and has one of the best mileage for a CNG car.

The mileage for this one reads 34.44 km/kg on CNG fuel.

Price- Rs 3.72 Lakhs

1)Tata Nano eMax

Tata Nano eMax

Well, the nation’s cheapest four-wheeler now comes equipped with a CNG kit. Tata Nano launched its other variant the Nano eMax a while ago to provide for the CNG enthusiasts.

It has petrol/CNG engine with an advanced switching system. The engine allows for 36 km/kg of mileage on CNG fuel making it the most economical CNG car in terms of mileage.

Price- Rs 2.88 Lakhs

 Don’t you think it’s time we switch to CNG? Well, these options will certainly help us transition into reducing carbon footprint quite easily. What’s your views on these aforementioned CNG cars? Do share them down below.

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