Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Brands With Price In India 2017

There are various things which we use in our daily life to make it comfortable. Some of them are easy to maintain and others took lots of efforts to maintain them. One of such things which we use is car. As we use them for our daily commute, the maintenance of it is difficult. There are specially designed car vacuum cleaners which could be used to maintain the car. With this all the dust particles could be vacuumed without any hassles. With this all the debris, stains, and dirt, etc could be sucked easily with the help of this.

There are different types of car vacuum cleaners which are there such as –

10. Erocket 

The model is 18972 DC Portable Vacuum Dust Cleaner. It has the facility of charging with 12 volts through the car socket of lighter. It is made of durable material which increases its life and could be used for the longest period of time. It is made very light so it could be easily carried and to make the cleaning with it becomes easy and convenient. The cost of the model is around Rs 1000/-.

9. Bergmann 


There are different types of Vacuum Cleaner under this brand. One can choose the same as per their need. As per the need different attachments are provided for the convenience. The dust bowl of this is translucent from which one can judge that whether the dust is covered whole or not. It comes with the high quality filter which is washable and known as a HEPA filter. The product has the warranty of 1 year. The cost of different models starts from Rs 1000/-.

8. Destorm 


This comes with various models of vacuum cleaner and one can choose as per their requirement. It could be charged from the cigarette lighter plug and does not consume much of energy. Most of them contain the adapter of 12 volts. They have the extra long cord of power through which one could go anywhere in any part of car. They are light weighted which could be carried easily. The cost of the vacuum cleaner starts from Rs 1000/-.

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7. Coido 

With different models are there one can choose the best as per their needs. Some of the models also contains crevice tool which make it easy to reach at places which could be difficult to reach. It has been certified from ROHS and CE. It also provides succession with power and make it clean. Its filter is washable and could be cleaned with an ease. The cost of the vacuum cleaner starts from Rs 1000/-.

6. Karcher 


This was established in the year 1984. They are dealing into wide range of products and had covered huge market. They have different models in vacuum cleaner. Their filter could be easily removed and without having any contact with the foreign particles such as dirt etc. It gives 1 year warranty on the product. It does not consume much of the power as it consumes only 1000 watts and for operating it need around 240 volts. The cost of the vacuum cleaner starts from Rs 6000/-.

5. Panasonic 


It was earlier known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. It was founded in the year 1918 and deal with variety of products. There are different types of models there in the vacuum cleaner. It could be expandable so that it could reach to the places which could not be easy to clean in the car. The container where all the dust particles are collected is very easy to clean. It consumes less power of 700 watts and comes with a warranty of 1 year. The price of the vacuum cleaner starts from Rs 3000/- approximately.

4. Philips

It was established in the year 1891. They are dealing into various products. There are various models of car vacuum cleaner which one can have as per their requirements. It generally gives around 2 years of warranty with the product. It has very soft handle to touch. Most of the vacuum cleaner comes with the filtration system of 3 stages. The cost of the vacuum cleaner starts from around Rs 4000/-.

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3. Bosch 


They produce various products and had different models of it. They have good range of car vacuum cleaner which one can choose. These vacuum cleaners are very powerful and it could vacuum the smallest of particles from the ground. One can find the one which suits them the best. The cost of the vacuum cleaner starts around Rs 7000/-.

2. Eureka Forbes 

Eureka Forbes

This Company is mainly into the consumer durables and had various products like Water purifier, air purifier, vacuum cleaner etc. There are different models of vacuum cleaners available. They have 1 year of warranty on their product. Some of the models are light weighted which could be easily carried and with that the cleaning is easy. The cost of this starts from 2500/-.

1. Black and Decker 

Black and Decker

It was launched in the year 1910 and today it deals with different products. They had huge range of vacuum cleaner from which one can choose. Some of the vacuum cleaners have huge cord through which it becomes easy to move and take the cord around. The adapter could be fit in the car socket for lighter. The cost of the vacuum cleaner range starts from Rs 2000/-.

These vacuum cleaners are of great help when it comes to cleaning of the car and the confined spaces in them which is difficult for the human hand to reach. It even cleans with an ease without any problem.

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