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Top 10 Best Bollywood Movies of 2016 So Far

It can be said that Bollywood or the Hindi film Industry is world’s one of the largest movie production center. Bollywood started its journey in the year 1913 with a black and white movie and since then it has never looked back. 1960 on wards the capital invested in this industry began to get multiplied at an increasing rate and it made huge commercial success. Hindi movies are famous for their diversity and the entertainment they offer. The success of Bollywood movies is determined by the revenue earned by then in the box office. The following is the list the greatest Bollywood movies made in the year 2016 till now:

10. Udta Punjab

Starring Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt Diljit Dosanjh and  Satish Kaushik the movie earned huge revenue. The story revolves around the rising of substance abuse among the Indian Youth in the state of Punjab. Although the movie has certain flaws but it passes out a clear message. This is one movie which clearly depicts the what drugs can do and it reveals the dark side of drugs. Excellent acting by Diljit and Alia makes this movie worth watching. Udta Punjab earned 57.61 crore in the box office.

9. Kapoor and Sons 

this movie earned nearly 61.3 Crores in the box office. Directed by Shakun Batra, the movie tells the story of two brothers who come back home to visit their ill grandfather who has recently suffered a heart attack. The family problems get intensified when a girl, played by Alia causes a rupture in the relation between the two brothers. The songs of this movie have topped the music charts quite a number of times and they are quite energetic. The various scenes in the movie including the dining room fights and the family get together seem very lively and realistic. The character of the grandfather has been written up in a humorous manner in order to entertain the audience. Allover, this movie provides good amount of amusement to the viewers.

8. Neerja

Neerja, directed by Ram Madhavani is based on the true story of 23 year old Neerja Bhanot who lost her life in the year 1986 while rescuing the passengers of Pan Am jet that was high jacked by terrorists. This heart wrenching story has been beautifully told in the movie. The scenes of terrified passengers cowering in their seats convey the atmosphere of dread and violence. Neerja was played by Sonam Kapoor and it can be said without any doubt that she delivered an outstanding performance in the movie. The tragic end of the movie made almost all the viewers wet eyed. This movie earned a revenue of 75.61 Crores in the box office.

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7. Dishoom

Released in July, 2016 the movie is about two policemen, Kabir and Junaid who take up the responsibility to save a famous cricketer Viraj, who has been kidnapped by a bookie. The movie earned around 67 crores in the box office. The start cast of the movie include John Abraham,Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez.The scenes of action and adventure in the movie are highly entertaining. Although the movie has a typical and routine story line, the vivid screenplay is enough to keep the audience entertained.

6. Fan

The movie, released in April 2016 has made around 85 crore in the box office. Directed by Manees Sharma, the movie revolves around the story of an admirer who after being rejected by his idol resolves to ruin the life of the star. A resident of Delhi, Gaurav being a huge fan of superstar Aryan, begins his journey to Mumbai to meet the star. Here both the roles have been excellently  played by Shah Rukh Khan and the songs of the movie add charm to it.

5. Baaghi

The movie, aptly named Baaghi, is about a young rebellious wild child who is sent  to Kerala by his father to train in the ancient martial art of kalaripattu and become a responsible human being. A midst his journey he meets a beautiful young stunts woman and falls in love with her. But their love story takes a different course when Sia is kidnapped by Raghav claiming a forceful love . Ronny must now rescue his love while fighting hoards of trained fighters along the way and bring justice to his masters killer. Directed by Sabbir Khan  the movie earned 76 crores in the box office. the star cast includes Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles.

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4. Housefull 3

Released in June Housefull 3 was directed by Farhad and Sajid the movie revolves around the life of a superstitious yet rich businessman. This movie contain a series of comedy scenes which provide the perfect scope for entertainment. This businessman refrains from getting his daughters married due to some blind believe, the fun starts when their boyfriends have to convince him in breaking his superstition and allowing his daughters to get married.

3.. Airlift

Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, the movie was a huge success and it earned about 169 crores. The plot of the movie is set in Kuwait was under Iraq attack. An Indian businessman residing in Kuwait at that time, risks his life to save those Indians who were stranded there.

the movie depicts the scenes of anticipation in such a way that the viewer can feel the same and relate to those stranded in a foreign country in a time of war.


Directed by Tinu Suresh Desai, the movie had a budget of 500 million INR. In the movie a naval officer played by Akshay Kumar has to face trail for the murder of the lover of his wife.

1. Sultan


Sultan is a romance drama sports movie about a wrestler looking for redemption. The story revolves around the journey of sultan from being a state level wrestler to an absolute broken man with a dead son and a wife who leaves him. He then joins a mixed martial arts tournament so that he can win and open a blood bank in hopes of redeeming himself and getting back his wife as well as become a iconic champion himself. The movie made up to 300.45 crores in the box office and the star cast include Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

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