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Top 10 Best Bikes under Rs. 40,000 – 50,000 in India 2016

The main objective of having a motorbike is to be able to commute cheap, and also maintain the vehicle in the most inexpensive way possible. Commuter motorbikes are the best fit for this category, and these type of two-wheelers are typically available for a pretty low budget range in the Indian market. Here’s a brief review on top 10 motorbikes in India that are available for 40,000 rupees in India.


10. TVS Sport


TVS Sport is an entry level motorbike in the segment of inexpensive motorbikes from TVS and its in no 10 position of best bike under 40000. Since the price range is confined to 40 thousand rupees, it’s a value for money two wheeler and everyone would agree that it’s worth every penny.

  • The engine displacement on this motorbike is 100 cc with 7.40 bhp maximum power and 7.50 Nm maximum torque output.
  • The transmission system is manual like most other motorbikes in this category, it’s a 4-speed constant mesh system.
  • Wet weight of this motorbike is 108.5 kilograms including a 12 liters fuel tank.
  • Rated top speed on the TVS Sport has been marked at 85 kmph.
  • Both the brakes on this motorbike are drum type, however that’s sufficient for this motorbike category. TVS Sport has a rated mileage of 95 kmpl.
  • Price: Rs. 37,665.
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