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Top 10 Best and Reputed Event Management Companies In India

Event management is one of the leading business industries not only in India, but in the entire world as well. This is the main reason why there are more and more event management firms nowadays that are sprouting worldwide. These firms help numerous events to be concluded grandly. In India alone, there are already great numbers of these companies. In relation to this, here are the top 10 event management companies the country has to offer:

10.Travel Corporation (India) Ltd.

 It was way back in the year 1961 when this event management and destination management company was founded. This has been a constant awardee in the national tourism industry of India. One thing that made it excellent is the fact that it is a great promoter for socially aware and eco responsible tourism. Some of the services it currently offers are MICE or the so-called Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition, luxury trains, group tours, and individual traveler.


9. Fountainhead Transmedia

One of the top ten event management firms that is thriving in India is the Fountainhead Transmedia, which was established way back in the year 1995. It may be young enough in the industry, but this does not hold it to succeed when it comes to sports events, music events and exhibitions. It is known in producing and distributing contents not only locally, but globally as well.


8. 70 EMG 

This successful event management company is constantly providing its event management services along with some other relevant services from the moment it was established until this very day. In fact, the company has already acquired a number of awards for being an excellent company in the field of event management. It is responsible for the most awaited highly-budgeted events in India like the Nokia IndiaFest and the Goa Fest.



This is another thriving event management firm that is popular in organizing business events and government-related events not only in India, but also in some other countries. It has been providing its excellent services to its clients for over 5 decades now. It is an expert when it comes to Technical Conferences and International Exhibitions.

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6.E Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 

Music events, wedding events, corporate events, name it and E Factor can surely organize them and make them happen in a grand way. This event management firm has started reaching to the people way back in the year 2000. It is one of the youngest companies in India, but it has managed to reach the top of success. In order to make a certain event extra entertaining and enjoyable, the company has incorporated several acts in their services like famous singers and celebrities, fire acts, bands, and bubble dancers.


5. DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd

It was through the effort of its brilliant founder, Dr. T. Venkat Vardhan why this top event management firm came into existence. Its foundation year can be traced back in the year 1987. It has been thriving in organizing corporate events, sports events, music events and some other special activities within the entire India. Its main office can be located in the city of Bangalore, but it has some corporate branches in some other major cities in the country like Mumbai and Hyderabad.


4. Percept Limited

As one of the top event management firms based in India, Percept Limited has been operating in the business industry for so long now. It has started providing its excellent event management services way back in the year 1984. It dominates in the world of communications, media, and entertainment. Currently, there are more than 1000 individuals working in this particular firm amongst its corporate offices in India and in the Middle East as well.

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3.Cox & Kings

This top performing company has been existing since the year 1758 through the efforts of its brilliant founder, Richard Cox. Originally, this was just a travel company that was offering great travel packages. But as years go by, it managed to indulge in other business industries, and it fortunately flourishes in the event management world. The current offerings of this excellent are travel packages, business travel, event management, and destination management.



 This company is not only famous for providing excellent event management services to the people. It also offers information technology services, conference management, and travel services. It is one of those that have done too much in order to improve the tourism industry not only in India, but in some other neighboring countries as well like Nepal and Sri Lanka. The company was established way back in the year 1956, and its first corporate office can be located in the city of New Delhi.



Best event management company in India

 Founded in 1988, Wizcraft has management to become not only as an extremely successful event management company, but also a top performing firm in the field of entertainment and communication. The brilliant founders of this great company were Wiz Viraf Sarkari, Sabbas Joseph, and Wiz Andre Timmins. One reason why it is still thriving up to this day is the fact that it has big-time clients that are famous multinational companies in the world such as Samsung, Bacardi, IBM, Pepsi, and Microsoft.


These are the top 10 event management companies that can be found in the progressive India. Truly, these firms have already proven their worth in the event management industry.

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