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TOP 10 Best and Reputed Beer Brands In India

If we talk about beverages, Beer is one of the best choices as a soft alcoholic beverage. India has a big market for beer and there are wide range of brands available having utter high quality and class. When there is any celebration, different kinds of beers are available for every occasion. Out of the long list of beers available in the market, only few can be termed as the best. Here are some top brands of beer which are ruling the Indian market:


Don’t confuse Kings with Kingfisher. It is a completely different Indian brand which has a special appeal in it. This is Goa based brand which can easily win the hearts of beer lovers through its extremely good aroma and equally brilliant flavor. This is a light beer which has been acquired by Viiking Group and is so much popular that it is sometimes used as a synonym for Goa.


Corona is a Mexican beer brand which has a delicious taste and amazing flavor. The brand is not only popular in India but is equally popular in rest of the world serving around 170 countries. This is an incredible beer which is considered the best for beating the work hangover. This is owned by the Grupo Modelo, a Mexican company, and is operational since the year 1925.


This is a high quality and superior taste beer which is known for its distinct taste which comes from Australia. SAB Miller group is the owner of this beer brand. This is a popular beer brand since the late 90’s and is available in most of the pubs and bars. In Bangalore, it is served as a draught beer other than the bottled beer. Its various variants are: Fosters Premium and Fosters Strong.

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Kalyani Black Label is an affordable beer brand which is popular in the Eastern region of India. This is a local flavor of India and is known for its awesome taste and flavor. The beer is a perfect blend of unique taste and quality having a smooth, mellowed brew with an extra bite.


Carlsberg has been serving its consumers since 1846 which makes it one of the oldest and favorite beer brands. This beer is extremely popular in the entire country and has taken the Indian market by a storm. The brand used to give pilsner glasses as an interesting marketing activity for attracting the beer drinkers. Carlsberg beer is available in the following variants: Premium and Elephant- the strong version.


Known for its incredibly amazing taste and aroma, Budweiser has maintained its position among the top 10 beer brands India. The beer originated in the year 1876 and is produced by Anheuser- Busch In Bev which is a Belgian- Brazilian company. This is an affordable brand having rice and barley malt as the basic ingredients.


This Dutch brand of beer is quite popular in India and is known for its mild taste. Heineken is manufactured by Heineken International which is serving the global market since 1873. The brand has maintained its name through its perfect aroma. The beer contains only 5% alcohol and contains the following basic ingredients: hops, barley malt, pure water and yeast. The beer is priced at reasonable rates and is also a global partner for UEFA Champions League.

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Haywards is the brand which would take us back to our old memories of college days and is known for its strong beer variant throughout the country. The beer is manufactured by the popular International Company named SAB Millers. Hayward rolled out in the market its new variant called Haywards Black in the year 2006 which was unable to generate demand for it and was therefore discontinued. It’s most selling and popular variants are Haywards 5000, Haywards 1000 and Haywards 2000.


Known for its amazing brewing and taste, Royal Challenge is the one of the best known Beer brand having a distinctive smooth flavor. The brand is the best choice for connoisseurs who are looking for high quality ingredients which are put into making of beer. The main aim of RC is the core product equity of “smoothness” which is shown through its tag line –“Wish your life was as smooth as Royal Challenge”.


Leaving all the brands behind, Kingfisher is leading the pack and has become the undisputed king of the beer market. The brand has been serving Indian consumers since 1978 and is known for its plenty of malts and wide varieties. Due to its popularity, it can be considered as the other name for beer. The top variants of kingfisher are: Kingfisher Superstring, Kingfisher Premium, Kingfisher Blue, Kingfisher Draught, Kingfisher Ultramax and Kingfisher Strong.

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