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Top 10 Best and Popular Event Management Companies in Delhi

The global event management industry is really becoming a big world since more and more nations are indulging into this business industry. One of these nations is the beautiful and progressive India. In fact, there are a lot of event management companies existing nowadays in the country specially in Delhi. In relation to this, here are the top 10 event management companies in Delhi that you should know:

10.Creativizt Communications 

Established in the year 2003, this company is actually offering several services apart from event management. It is expert when it comes to media and PR services. It is the company to trust when you need help for crisis management and brand management in your business. Of course, this firm is nothing without the great effort of its brilliant founder, Rishu Monga.




This successful event management service provider in Delhi was incorporated in the year 2006. Since then, Showmakerz never stops to satisfy every client that they do business with. This is why it has managed to put up some branches in India not only in Delhi region. Some other branches it has can be located in Noida, Gurgaon, and within NCR.


8.Witchcraft Travel & Events 

This company is not just focusing in providing event management services. It also offers some other excellent services such as product launches, private parties, seminars entertainment services, conferences, and brand activations. It even offers some sorts of travel services. The corporate office of this top performing firm is located in the city of New Delhi.



7.Armaans Event Pvt. Ltd. 

Armaans has already proven its worth in the Indian event management industry. There’s no way your event will come out boring and unremarkable since the company is incorporating a lot of things to make their event management services extremely successful and satisfying to the clients like hiring Hollywood or Bollywood celebrities and artists.

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6.Lalvis International 

The company has been providing excellent event management services to the people of India since its foundation year in 2005. Lalvis International is a top performing event management firm that can excellently handle different kinds of events such as weddings, exhibitions, corporate events and some other very important events that need to be held. Its business office can be located in the city of New Delhi.



Also included in the list of top 10 event management companies in Delhi is Orane. It was established in the year 2007, and its main office is situated in New Delhi. Apart from the company’s top notch event management services, it also offers some other services like wedding planning, event marketing services, BTL campaigns, promotional activities, and public relations.


4.EMC India 

Founded in the year 1992, EMC India is expert in making events very successful. When you hire this excellent event management company, there is nothing you need to do since it will handle everything from the planning, management, and the final launching on the event. Included in the company’s list of services are Events Photography, Dj-Light and Sound, Dance Choreography, and Wedding Planning.


3.Innovative Ideaz 

In the year 2000, Innovative Ideaz was formed. The company actually offers multi disciplinary services not only in India, but in some parts of the world as well. It is very popular in handling celebrity events remarkably. Apart from that, it also offers event management services that have something to do with marketing concepts, brand endorsement deals, and corporate gifting.

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2.Creative Inc 

The company is the top performing one when it comes to planning and managing major concerts. It was established way back in the year 2002, and its corporate office can be located in the city of New Delhi. Apart from major concert events of famous artists, Creative Inc. is also excellent in organizing and managing corporate gala events, exhibitions, and business trade shows.


1.Cox and Kings Ltd.

 Number one in the list of top ten event management firms in Delhi is the Cox and Kings Ltd. It is already existing in the event management business industry for so long now. It started its business operation way back in the year 1758. Meaning to say, the company has been providing its top notch services to the people for more than 250 years now. It is recognized on its excellent services in organizing and managing events such as product launches, seminars, exhibitions, and concerts.


These are the top 10 event management companies in Delhi that you need to consider if you are planning to host a very special event, may it be personal or business related. It is rest assured that your event will become remarkable to the guests as well as to yourself. With that being, there is no way you will feel some regrets from hiring these top performing companies within India.

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