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Top 10 Best Amusement / Water Parks in India

Are you preparing for an entertaining and exciting trip but don’t have any knowledge regarding the best amusement and water parks in India? Then, there is no need to get worried as we are providing you the list of top ten best amusement or water parks in India where you can relish the diversity of rides, delicious foodstuffs, some water sports as well as picture flawless visions. These are also an impeccable vacation holiday destination where you can spend your day with friends, family, students and cousins.

The following is the list of top ten best amusement or water parks in India for fun and entertainment:

10. MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World is identical with high-energy entertaining due to the formation of certain largest entertainment parks in the nation. It is situated in Chennai. The unusual charms in the parks have been selected from the most sparkling experiences of the world. This amusement park offers some terrifying rides by obeying strictly to global safety principles.

9.  Wonder La

Wonder la amusement park is situated in Bangalore which is India’s much-loved place.It is built on the Mysore road which is just 28kms far from the Bengaluru city. This water parkis on the 82 acres of gardens which were created in the year 2005.This park devises 56 adventure filled rides proposing a gigantic dosage of entertainment as well as fun for any age group people.

8. Entertainment City or Appu Ghar

Appu Ghar has the biggest Bowling Lounge, a large number of Interior Amusement Rides as well as an Indian Restaurant. This park is situated in the area of The Great India Place site in the Noida. It is a favorable location for having Dance Parties, Meetings, Family Amusement Centre, Anniversary Party, Wild Rides, etc.

7. Nicco Park

Nicco Park’s is situated in Kolkata which possesses an educative fun creativity concept where families not only have an entertainment-filled experience but can also have some education tips. The parks are intended to offer an educational restoration and are scattered with exhibitions. The entry of every single ride describes all the technical principles behind the functioning of the rides.

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6.  Adventure Island

The adventure island is situated in Delhi which comprises of around 26 rides as well as attractions. Its entire rides are trade-in from the merchants who supply their goods to the global water and amusement parks such as Disney world, Six Flags, and Universal. You can enjoy here the rides like Cyclone, Flip Out, Bush Buggies, Space Jump, etc.

5. Fun n Food Village

Fun N Food Village amusement and Water Park is situated in Gurgaon which is a great place where you can enjoy with your children, family and friends for sure. There are certain adrenaline rustle rides on which you can squeal your lungs out. You can also splish-splash in the wave swimming pool or can have a wild water ride. All the rides in this water park are very secure,hence you can actually leave entire your fears behind. You can also enjoy the awesome appetizers and more substantial foodstuffs which are available in the food court, particularly for the kids.

4. Essel World and the Water Kingdom

EsselWorld is the biggest amusement park in the nation as well as the ‘Water Kingdom’ is one of the biggest Theme Water Parks in the whole Asia. It is built on the 64 acres of land at the Mumbai. From the previous 25 years, the EsselWorld has remained accountable for setting a yardstick in the field of amusement parks business in India. This Landmass of Entertainment is situated in the coastal Gorai town in the northwest part of Mumbai. It also comprises of beautiful scenery inoculated with natural pleasure and fun. There are around 71 attractions built in the Essel World and the Water Kingdom for the entrainment of all age group people.

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3. Ramoji Film City Amusement park

Ramoji‘s Amusement Park is located in the world famous Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. It is built on the total space of 2, 000 acres. The various rides presented by this exceptional park are Ranger, Super Jet, Twister Striking Cars, and Break Dancer, etc. you can also have a ride on the bus which will take you on the trip to view the entire Ramoji film city. Besides this, the other attractions are Dadajinn’s Ark, Titanic, Enthraller,Timberland, etc. You can also find restaurants and bars in this park.

2. Veegaland

This amusement park is situated in Pallikara which is 12 km far from the Kochi. Veegaland is the most famous amusement park in the Kerala. This park covers a region of around 30 acres which is sited on the topmost part of the mountain having 77m height. Veegaland is one of the biggest amusement parks currently in the south India. A person can relish a lot here as it offers you an extra variety of games. This is India’s leading water theme park.

1. Ocean Park

Ocean Park

This water park is situated in Hyderabad which is also known as the world of fun, water, fantasy and thriller. In this park, there is a lot of water along with the options of entertainment for every person.It is the top amusement parks at present in India. This park has occupied 20 acres of attractively redesigned parks which are situated at Gandipet that is merely 15 Kilometers far from Hyderabad. You can also enjoy the astonishing rides like Crazy Cruise, Aqua Snake, Multi lane Ride, etc.

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