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Top 10 Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brands Available in India

Cometh the hour, cometh the man, might seem pretty clichéd but hey if you happen to look into it, this does hold true to every sense. Just replace the word ‘hour’ with summer and ‘man’ with air conditioner. See, ‘cometh the summer, cometh the air conditioner’, one that we can all agree too. That’s one heck of a way to burgeoning an ongoing phrase, doesn’t it?

Now for the record, we’ve camped around today for the ‘Top 10 Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brands Available in India’. Isn’t that lovely, to beat away the summer with the ultimate reprise? There’s still quite a while till summer perishes, and the best we could do for rather than long for winters is to have these quintessential air conditioners. And believe me, when the scale turns up north upwards to the 40-degree mark, these air conditioners happen to be life-saver. Period.

As we dwell on the topics of beating the best of summers, these top AC brands in India offers the answer we all have been seeking since long. And for the stats-loving persona in you, these offer a host of perks in the ilk of the exhaustive price range, low electricity consumption, energy saver and much more.

So gear on, as we run the rule on the best AC brands in India down below in our blog. You tight lipped? Here’s the show for you.

10. Videocon


Let’s start off our list with the Indian multinational brand that runs its share of the market in more than 17 nations. With its, operation based from the headquarters in Mumbai, one could assume they certainly are one of the best in the business.But, hey aren’t we here for the best air conditioner brands in India? Yeah, we are. So how do Videocon fare in our list? For starters, they offer a great range of air conditioners in split and window based ones. If fact, these come with energy saving technology that helps meld the bill to a minimum. The sizes to vary from the minimal of 1 Ton to a healthy 1.5 Ton.

Add to the fact that they recently launched the first ever Wi-Fi air conditioner in India, it seems a perfect foil for the seekers.

  • Price Range: Rs 19,990 to Rs 42,450
  • Capacity: 1 Ton to 1.5 Ton
  • Features: Anti-Bacterial, Anti- Fungal, Sleep Mode, Air Swing, Timers, Auto Restart and more.
  • Availability: Major marketplaces and online outlets 



9. O General

O General

Next up is the O General, one of the most popular brands of air conditioners available in India. The company made its way in the Indian market in 2000 as a result of joint venture between Japanese brands Fujitsu General and Dubai-based ETA-Ascon Star. The company has received numerous five-star ratings by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency for their excellent performance.

The company offers split air conditioners along with window based ones. It has a support system for the hot and cold feature along with invertor control and more. it also offers cassette cooling and VRF services. And if that’s not enough, then add 3-D cooling, 4-way cooling mechanism, double swing, quiet mode and more.

  • Price Range: Rs 21,540 to Rs 149,990
  • Capacity: 1 Ton to 3.5 Ton
  • Features:3-D Cooling, Invertor saving, CFC free, 4-way Air Flow Direction.
  • Availability: Major marketplaces and online outlets


8. Carrier


Let’s move ahead with anther entry into the list, Carrier. Carrier has been quite a household name when the talk for the best air conditioner brands of India. Predominately, it’s a part of the US-based company, United Technologies Corporation which specializes in the same genre.

Carrier has often been a prime choice for the air conditioner in larger spaces in the ilk of offices and more. They are lauded for their long lasting durability and efficiency. It’s also proved to handle higher loads than most of other air conditioners.

They come in wide range of window split air conditioners and split air conditioners along with a host of features. It also packs in 2 stage cleanser, advanced ionizer, triple hybrid filter.

  • Price Range: Rs 20,320 to Rs 65,000
  • Capacity: 1 Ton to 2 Ton
  • Features: Invertor Technology, Security Lock, Dry Mode, Advanced Ionizer
  • Availability: Major marketplaces and online outlets
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7. Sharp


One of the prime players of air conditioners in the world, Sharp fares at seventh in our ratings. It has been racking quite a number in the sales charts adhering to its state-of-the-art offerings.

One can lay their hands on split air conditioners along with window ones with Sharp. They offer air conditioners in the range of 1 Ton to 2 Ton. Well, that was some of the basic stats on them, now let’s head for the features and product combination.

It offers a unique phenomenon on allowing a combo of 4 indoor units attached to a single outdoor unit. The indoor units have an easy to mount figure while the floor standing ones have easy placing methods. Moreover, it comes with anti-mold features, eco mode, turbojet, horizontal air swing and more.

  • Price Range: Rs 23499 to Rs 54,990
  • Features: Anti-Mold, Horizontal air Swing, Turbo Jet, Eco Mode and more.
  • Availability: Major marketplaces and online outlets



6. Blue Star

Blue Star

One of the major names in the air conditioner niche, Blue Star ranks as one of the finest among all. It’s been more than seven decades since its inception in 1943 and has been duly offering air conditioners along with fridges and refrigerators in the Indian market.

The company has been earmarked as the oldest appliance label in India which is quite a tribute in itself. It has one of the famed implementation when it comes to air conditioner functioning in the ilk of central air conditioning system. The company is one of the trusted outlet of the air conditioner in for cinemas, buildings, educational institutes, hospitals, restaurants and more.

It has product catalog of window-based air conditioner along with split ones. It also offers them in the range of 1 Ton to 2 Ton with a wide variety of options. It is laden with hydrophilic blue fins evaporator feature along with memory backup and auto restart. One can even avail antifreeze, thermostat, flow direction control and more with it.

  • Price Range: Rs 14,990 to Rs 115,420
  • Features: Flow direction control, turbo cooling, Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator, Thermostat, Auto-Freeze, 4 Fan Speed and more.
  • Availability: Major marketplaces and online outlets 



5. Daikin


Another one of Japanese top-tiered manufacturer of electrical appliances, Daikin is the one rated at fifth on our list. It is primarily known as one of the best performance rated air conditioners in for either of hot or cold conditions.

They come equipped with VRV IV features and have multiple choices on offer in the ilk of ceiling mounted or wall mounted pieces. With a perfect rating in form of energy saving, these can be your best bet to counter the summer heat. In fact, these also run coherently for the cold conditions with a great balance of temperature control.

They are powered by 3D technology, economic mode, air purifying filter, auto fan mode, and much more. They also have quite an affordable tag attached to them.

  • Price Range: Rs 26,000 to Rs 83,400
  • Features: 3D Cooling, Economic Mode, Conada Airflow Mode, Titanium Apatite, Hermetically Sealed swing type.
  • Availability: Major marketplaces and online outlets


4. Hitachi


It’s a clear testament to the Japanese efficiency and embellishment, that they are the world’s leading nation when the talk for technical advancements prop up. It has been in the driving seat for the best air conditioning solutions for home and offices.

The technical advancement of the Hitachi is there for all to see. It has been offering one of the best since 1920 when it was formed in Tokyo, Japan. It has high energy efficient air conditioners along with a host of features. It packs in the anti-fungus filter, LCD wireless remote, varied fan speed, cool mode and more.

It is available in from the range of 1 Ton to 2.5 Ton. It offers window split air conditioner along with windows based ones too. They are one of the best windows split air conditioners around in the market.

  • Price Range: Rs 19,990 to Rs 73,500
  • Features: Auto Power saving mode, fan speed mode, filter clean indicator, LCD wireless remote, cool mode and more.
  • Availability: Major marketplaces and online outlets
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3. Samsung


Let’s venture away from the smartphone range of Samsung for this one, shall we? We all have an idea as to how Samsung are one of the biggest names in the world for smartphone network, however, they aren’t just limited to it. they have a wide plethora of electric appliances and items on offers. See that’s an erstwhile trivia for you.

It has a wide range of air conditioners with peak performance orientation that helps it track up better number than its counterparts. They are known for extensive usage of top-line technology in their air conditioners. For the health conscious, here’s another trivia on the course, Samsung’s air conditioners prevent H1N1 along with multiple airborne rationales. They rank as one of the best split air conditioner brands in India.

It has top features like a dehumidifier, multi-jet technology, optimal single blade, happy hours, anti-bacteria filter along with anti-allergy coating. It also has digital temperature display and offers triangle invertor AC. It offers the range from 1 Ton to 2.3 Ton.

  • Price Range: Rs 25,830 to Rs 177,000
  • Features: Optimal Single Blade allowing Better Air Flow, Digital Temperature, Anti-Bacteria, Smart Saver
  • Availability: Major marketplaces and online outlets


2. Voltas


Voltas ranks as one of the most sought after name in the nation for air conditioners. The company is running hot on the heel in the sales charts these days with their extensive range of air conditioners. Voltas Limited, the company that’s tasked with manufacturing the air conditioner remains a subsidiary of Tata Group.

The pieces come with extreme durability and affordability tagline. It has a window, split and cassette range of air conditioners at present under its product catalog. The products that often been greeted with high energy ratings that rack them better against other brands.

As for the features go, it has an anti-fungal cleaning system, anti-dust options, a silver ion filter, hydrophilic aluminum fans, care bacterium and more. It offers the ones in the range of 1 Ton to 3 Ton.

  • Price: Rs 17,162 to Rs 106,500
  • Features: Silver filters, Anti-Dust filter, LED display on indoor units, LCD remote, Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode.
  • Availability: Major marketplace and online outlets


1. LG


Well, the top rank belongs to the best in the business and no doubt, LG takes the baton. Their motto of ‘Life’s Good’ is quintessentially one that has made multiple personas enjoy the privileges. LG ranks as the biggest consumer durable manufacturers in India and abroad and boasts an unmatched range of household electronics.

LG offers air conditioners in the ilk of three usages, i.e. residential based, light commercial based and multi-V air conditioners. The residential based air conditioners have a window, split and floor standing based ones while the light commercial based with highlander series. The Multi-V air conditioner offers a wide range of options. We shall cover the ones under residential based down in the stats.

The air conditioners are powered with sweet dreams mode, night glow remote controls, smart functioning for summer and winter months. It also offers dual protection along with auto cleaning that yields durability along with efficiency. It ranges from 0.75 Ton to 2 Ton in the ilk of the residential air conditioner.

  • Price Range: Rs 18,790 to Rs 75,990
  • Features: Sweet Dreamz mode, Nightglow remote, Dual protection, Auto Cleaning.
  • Availability: Major marketplaces and online outlets


Well, that’s all from us for the top 10 best air conditioner brands in India 2016. We hope to have quenched your thirst on the best ways to beat the summer and nothing goes better than the air conditioner. We shall be back with another piece pretty soon. Stay tuned.

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