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Top 10 Best 110CC Powered Scooters In India in 2016

Scooties have become fashion and necessity in India. There was a time when bikes were only meant to be two wheelers with scooters. However, the automatic Scooties changed the dynamics of the industry all together. There are many Scooties available in India with different features and top class aspects. The 110 cc Scooties are considered one of the best for the optimal performance from all aspects. Here are the Top 10 110 cc Scooties in India.

10. Suzuki Let’s Suzuki Let’s


The new performance scooty let’s is known for the comfortable riding and extremely optimized service. The scooty is powered by 112 cc engine with power as high as 8.50 bhp. The light weight vehicle can be effectively handled and it returns good amount of mileage in the range of 64 KMPL. It has a fuel tank of 5 liters and is price at around INR 46722.

9. Hero Duet

best scooty model in 2016

Hero Duet is one of the most efficient Scooties in India that is powered by a 110 CC engine. The stylish and vibrant scooty has wide range of features. The light weight of the scooty enables it for better service. It is weighed at around 116 KG. The scooty can generate power up to 63 KMPL. It is equipped with 6 liters of fuel tank and is priced at INR 49,087.

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