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Top 10 Beautiful Scuba Diving Places in India

Often termed as one of the adventure sports only dared by some, scuba diving is highly regarded in the world. It’s the perfect getaway from the scorching heat of the summer and is mostly tried in the peak time of the season. There’s plenty of places that offer high octane scuba diving experience to the enthusiast. It’s a reason we unearthed a list of ‘Top 10 Scuba Diving Places in India’.

Scuba diving comes with its own set of heavenly pleasures. The crystal clear water with a diverse set of marine lives lays ahead in what is a trip of a lifetime. Diving deep into the coastal lanes of the sea, seeking the momentary lapse that echoes into eternity, it’s something one cannot miss out.

One doesn’t need to jump into foreign lands to enjoy the guilty pleasures of scuba diving. India itself boasts of marvelous places that offer the best of experience. We’ve seeped through the coastal lanes across the nation and listed out the ‘10 Best places for Scuba Diving in India’ on offer. We hope to entice you all along with these intriguing places offering high octane scuba diving.

 Let’s get along with the last, shall we?

10) Dwarka, Gujarat

  • The part of the legendary city of Dwarka which was once ruled by Lord Krishna, Dwarka lays submerged into water these days.
  • Professional scuba diving isn’t as famous in the region, yet the aquatic life offers deep contrast altogether.
  • The marine sanctuary in the Gulf of Kutch has a plethora of marine life with coral reefs, swamps, puffer fish, seahorse, turtles and more.
  • Consult with the nearest administration before trying out for scuba diving in the region. 

9) Vishakhapatnam/Vizag

  • Another of the nation’s state with coastal lanes across the side, Andhra Pradesh has offered an adventurous scuba diving experience.
  • Andhra Pradesh offers scuba diving via its Vizag coastal line where multiple adventure tourers offer the service.
  • The Jewel of the East Coast as it’s known, Andhra Pradesh has Bheemunipatnam beach lying 24km from Vizag offering snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing and more.
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8) Varkala Beach, Kerala

  • A famous scuba diving place in India, this one lies along 54 km from Thiruvantarampuram.
  • It has an immaculate divine under water appearance with a perfect blend of marine life and floras.
  • A few exemplary marine lives are Black Tip Sharp, Ray Fish, sea anemones, starfish, jellyfish and more.
  • One can turn in alone or with family to have a trip of a lifetime in the Varkala Beach.

7) North East India

  • You’d be amused to see what the underwater regions of North-East hold Often termed as the unexplored regions of the nation, these feature an abundance of freshwater diving sites.
  • We’d be looking at the Shillong’s adventure sport as part of our blog.
  • It has a fresh water with marine life fluttering It has natural coral reefs and sands to acclimatize to the environment.
  • It offers one of the scenic atmospheres around.

6) Maharashtra

  • As Maharashtra sports coastal lines along the west side of the state, the region has an abundance of marine life recreations.
  • Maharashtrian coastal waters are crystal clear and rich in marine diversity with the ilk of coral reefs and underwater fish.
  • One can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, water rafting and more in the coastal water across Maharashtra.
  • A few major scuba diving sites along the region are
  1. Malvan
  2. Tarkali Beach

5) Karnataka

  • Karnataka has a scenic sea appearance along its coast and provided ample of scuba diving treats for seekers.
  • The coastal region is boosted with valleys, verdant forests, fresh backwaters that make it such a delight to dive into.
  • The diving sites are home to greatly diversified marine life common to the places like the Arabian Sea and Goa.
  • A few marine lives you’d be encountering whilst scuba diving are whales, turtles, cobias and stone fish.
  • Here’s a peek into some major scuba diving sites in the region.
  1. Netrani Island
  2. Bhatkal Wreck
  3. Pigeon Island

4) Pondicherry

  • An allegiance of French architecture and history, Pondicherry is the quintessential place to achieve self-enlightenment and peace.
  • There’re many recreational activities that offer the best of attractions.
  • Scuba diving is one such attraction of the place adhering to multiple diving sites.
  • The underwater life of Pondicherry is facilitated with rich and diverse marine life in the ilk of Orals, King Fish, Moray eels, Parrot Fish, Sea Snakes and Tiger Fish.
  • The major diving sites of the place are-
  1. Cool Shark Reef
  2. Temple Reef
  3. The Hole4 Corners
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3) Lakshadweep Islands

  • A group of islands lying 200 to 440 kilometers of the south coast of India, these are commonly referred as Lakshadweep Islands or Laccadive or Minicoy or Amindivi
  • The islands offer a resonating appeal of sea water and attracta major number of tourists all throughout the year.
  • The islands have crystal clear water along with coral reefs and sands facilitating rich marine life.
  • Lakshadweep Islands is a definitive must-have trip for those seeking scuba diving. A few major attractions in form of scuba diving are-
  1. Agatti Island
  2. Bangarram Island

2) Goa


  • If your vision of Goa is all about beaches, clubs, pubs and alcohol, then you’ve missed out one of the best opportunities of a lifetime.
  • Goa has an abundance of underwater diving sites that’s laden with treasure-filled marine animals.
  • The clean deep water offers one of the best water expedition trips.
  • A few major diving sites in and around Goa are-
  1. Uma Guva Reef
  2. Shelter Cove
  3. Locker of Davy Jones
  4. The Jetty

1) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  • Often famed as the top tiered scuba diving place in India, this one takes the top place in our rank.
  • The place remains a beautiful mix of clean water and marine life under water.
  • The island has a fantastic blend of diving spots with many varieties of marine animals like Scorpion Fish, Angler Fish, Sharks and Coral Reefs.
  • A few of the famed diving in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are
  1. The Wall (Havelock Island)
  2. Cinque Island (Port Blair)
  3. Fish Rock (Passage island)

Want to have a hang of the scuba diving? Try out these places and share your experience with us. We shall be waiting for it.

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