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Sonam Wangchuk (Engineer) Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Education, Career,Wife

We all were moved by the ability and love for the character Phunsuk Vangdu in the movie ‘3 Idiots’ one of the leading and inspirational movie Bollywood has ever produced, you all may be thinking as the writer writes a movie so the characters are fictional. Sonam Wangchuk is the real world great scientist from the remote area of India Ladakh that lacks a supply of basic needs. Wangchuk apart being a great scientist demonstrates the league of social activists who formed a group of students to voice against the education in Ladakh delivered in an alien language. Fighting with the education system in Ladakh Sonam become the founding director of Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL), the main aim of the organization is to find a way to fight against ill education system.

Sonam Wangchuk Bio

Sonam Wangchuk (Engineer) Wiki

Sonam Wangchuk was born on September 1, 1966, at Uley Tokpo near Alchi a Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh, Sonam Wangchuk has earned most of his education from the Government based school and finds the communication barrier in the language of the syllabus and related informative books. Sonam Wangchuk’s father with the name Sonam Wangyal a politician by profession becomes minister later in the state government in Srinagar. The manner of the education system in Srinagar was totally different from Ladakh and Sonam finds the language alien that leads a voice against incomplete education system.


Sonam WAngchuk is known to be the helping hands for the Ladakh students as after naming a career in profound Engineering sector he was appointed as the Advisor for education the Hill Council Government. SECMOL the group campus formed by Sonam Wangchuk as spreading more awareness about innovation in the Paradise land totally works with the solar energy structure, the campus uses no fossil fuels for cooking, lighting or heating even when the temperature falls to minus 25 degrees. Wangchuk along with government launched Operation New Hope in 1994 as a collaboration of people of Ladakh and Government. We need more born leader like Wangchuk in order to let India’s youth towards a new powerful way. Net Worth

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The information about the net worth of Sonam Wangchuk is not available.

Personal Information

Name: Sonam Wangchuk

Place of Birth: Himalayan region of Ladakh

Parents: Information not available

Religion: Information not available

Height: 5’8’’

Marital Status: Unmarried

Profession: Engineer, Motivational Speaker, Political Leader


Instagram: To be updated soon

Language Known: Hindi, English, Himalayan


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