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So You Think You Can Dance India Show Winner Name, Top Finalists, Judges & Host Name

So You Think You Can Dance (India) is a popular reality dance show that went on air in India on the 24th of April 2016. This is the first season in India which is based on the popular American dance show So You Think You Can Dance. The show is produced by Endemol India which is known to produce some of the best reality shows in India. So You Think You Can Dance (India) is aired on &TV every Saturday and Sunday. This show is judged by Madhuri Dixit, Terence Lewis and Bosco Martis. The show is hosted by  Rithvik Dhanjani and Mouni Roy.

Winner Name:


There were top four finalist selected for the grand finale names were Alisha, Tarun, Aryan and Kalpita. The winner of the show was Alisha.

Judges Names:

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood who was known for her dance moves and her charming smile. She is one of the judges on the show.

Bosco Martis

Bosco is a popular choreographer in Bollywood. He has choreographed a number of songs and also runs the Bosco Ceaser Dance Academy in Brampton, Scarborough, Mumbai, Phoolbagan, and Salt Lake in Kolkata.

Terence Lewis

Terence is one of the most popular choreographers in Bollywood. He is best known for his contemporary dance style. Terence has judged a number of dance shows and knows exactly what to look for in the contestants.

So You Think You Can Dance India Show Winner Name, Top Finalists, Judges & Host Name


Rithvik Dhanjani

Rithvik is one of the most popular faces on Indian television. He has also been a part of some dance shows. He knows his moves and is an amazing host who manages to keep the show going.

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Mouni Roy

This Bengali beauty is an amazing television actress and a talented dancer. Her pretty face and charming personality makes her a great host.


After a tough round of selections the judges Madhuri, Bosco and Terrence selected 44 contestants for the battle of Street vs Stage. These 44 contestants advanced to Round 2 and 20 dancers were selected from them. Followed by nervousness and lots of hard work, 20 dancers were selected to compete in the show. The dancers were divided into two groups – Team Street and Team Stage. The battle of Street vs Stage is going to be an exciting one. Here is the breakup of the two groups and their contestants.

Team Street

  • Alisha Behura – Alisha is a power packed performer and is a huge fan of Varun Dhawan. Alisha hails from Bhillai and is one of the strongest from this group.
  • Kanchi Shah – Kanchi Shah from Mumbai is an animation dancer and certainly sets the stage on fire with her moves.
  • Jueili Vaidya – Jueili Vaidya from Mumbai is known to be a tomboy and an excellent hip hop dancer.
  • Purvi Purohit – Purvi Purohit from Gandhinagar, Gujarat is known as the drama queen of the group and one of the most outspoken.
  • Aryan Patra – Aryan Patra from Ranchi seems shy and quiet on the exterior; however sets the stage alive with her amazing dance moves.
  • Sahil Khan – Sahil Khan from Indore is known to be a modern hip hop dancer and he has definitely introduced new moves to the show.
  • Roza Rana – Roza Rana from Rourkela has impressed everyone with her hip hop moves and amazing energy.
  • Prakash B.K. – Prakash from Mumbai is known as a little beast. He is capable of doing the most unbelievable tricks and flips that seems impossible to many.
  • Tushar Shetty – Tushar Shetty is a 20 year old hip hop dancer from Nalasopara, Mumbai. He certainly knows how to strut his stuff.
  • Vinay Khandelwal – Vinay Khandelwal is a 26 year old urban dancer from Delhi and he is certainly one of the best dancers in the group.
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Team Stage

  • Ryan Martyr – Ryan from Delhi is a huge fan of Travis Wall and an excellent contemporary dancer.
  • Sanjana Bamrara – Sanjana from Chandigarh is a 16 year old Latin dancer and a chatterbox.
  • Sneha Singh – Sneha is a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit and one of the best Latin dancers from Mumbai.
  • Rishi Sharma – Rishi from Haryana is a 24 year old Chau dancer.
  • Tarun Nihalani – Tarun hails from Nashik and is an excellent contemporary dancer.
  • Deepak – Deepak from Haryana is one of the best contemporary dancers in the group.
  • Kalpita Kachroo – Kalpita from Delhi is a trained Kathak dancer and extremely talented.
  • Aishwarya Radhakrishnan – Aishwarya from Mumbai is known to be a rebellious dancer and has certainly created an impact on the show.
  • Rohit Behal – Rohit from Mumbai is known to be a ladies man and an excellent jazz dancer.
  • Krishna Mehta – Krishna is also an excellent jazz dancer and is known for his charming smile.
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