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Siddharth Talwar is a professional from UP. Being a professional he does not have so much of time to give time for his hobby but his determination is such that he gives time to it. He is around 46 years of age. He prepares dinner every day for his family. He belongs to a well settled family. He is very close to his lovely daughter who is of 8 years. He had joined Master Chef and wants to prove that anybody with a little interest can cook. If the person had the interest in doing anything in their life then one could achieve that if the one has the determination and passion for it.  He is very focused towards what he wants to achieve and for that he takes the time out from his busy schedule.



Siddharth Talwar is a Vice President in the Multinational Company which is located in Noida. His work takes his 14 hours in a day and cooking is his passion. Despite of the busy schedule he takes the time out from his busy schedule for cooking.  For his passion he had taken leave from his office and had come over in the Master Chef 5. He cooks very well and handles each and every situation with calm. He wants to win the show and wants to tell that if passion is there then one can win anything and if one has the passion for cooking then one can win this title of Master Chef. To fulfill his passion he had put lot of efforts and become a strong contender in the Master Chef 5 and doing every effort to win this.

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Personal Information –

Name – Siddharth Talwar

Age – 46 Years

Profession – Vice president in MNC at Noida

Lives in – Noida

Marital Status – Married

Television Appearance – Master Chef Season 5



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