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Shraddha Sharma Wiki, Age, Height, Bio, Worth, Assets, Boyfriend, Husband

Shraddha Sharma is a teenage singer who  blew the audience away with her songs through her you tube channel at such a young age of 15. Her you tube channel is called shraddharockin. She was compared with Justin Bieber and Honey sing because of her instant success.  Her fan base increases considerably with every release of new videos. Her facebook page was started on august 17th 2011, within a month she had more than 49 thousand followers and her followers on twitters increased considerably.

Coming from a family of musicians, she says she wants to be a rock star. She aims to reach the level of Justin Bieber or even higher. Like any other singer she also received criticisms for her work and took it like a sport. She wants to sings songs that would make her connect with the audience emotionally.


Shraddha Sharma

She said that her mother is the one who introduced her to music and trained her since she was 9. Her inspiration is her mother.The first song she uploaded in her YouTube channel was Main Tenu Samjava Ki from vera on 30th April 2011. Her career in singing started exactly after the release of her fourth video on the YouTube, which was the cover of the song Hal-e-Dil from murder 2. The video went viral and was viewed by more than 70,000 people. The Hair and Care campaign consist of a TVC ”Just Try Me” sung by shraddha herself. Shortly after that shraddha signed an album deal with the Universal and a You Tube deal with the culture machine. Her first album was released on 1st march 2014 in the You Tube cultural fest held in Mumbai. The album was titled “raastey” which contained a mix of pop, rock and R&B. All the song was written by Ankut Tiwari. According to her, that the album was about life and the path that lies ahead. She shared that she loves to perform live.

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The schooling detail is not known. She is pursuing mass media at Wilson College, Mumbai.

Marital status


Net worth

Not known



Upcoming Movies

Not known

Television appearance

None yet



Personal info

  • Youtube link
  • Name: Shraddha Sharma.
  • Date of Birth: 15th  October  1995.
  • Place of Birth: Dehradun, India.
  • Religion: Hindu.
  • Marital status: Not married.
  • Spouse: N/A.
  • Zodiac sign: Not known.
  • Height: Not known.
  • Weight: Not known.
  • Eye colour: black.
  • Profession: Singer and Guitarists.
  • Language known: English and Hindi.
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