Shad Khan(actor) Bio, Dastoor, Chak Dhoom, Assistant Director

Shad is an Indian television anchor, actor, and director.

Personal Life
Shad was born in a Pathan family in the village Nausha. This village is located in the district of Aligarh. He has completed his B. A. from the Aligarh Muslim University. At this university, he even did some stage performances for the AMU Drama Club.

Shad moved to Delhi where he became the assistant director on the sets of some television series. Some of these television shows include Dastoor of Golden Arch Productions that was produced by Akbar Rasheed and Salma Siddiqui. This show was directed by Gurbir Singh Grewal and was aired on DD National way back in 1996. He was also the assistant director for Kahani Shahjanabad Ki of Badshah Productions that was produced by Begum Abida Ahmad. This show was directed by Neem Ka Ped’s Gurbir Singh Grewal that was again aired on DD National. He was also the assistant director for Lajwaab Talent Show of Star Gazer Advertising. This show was produced and directed by Mehmood Nazir and was aired on DD Metro.

Throughout his career, Shad has had the opportunity to work with producers like Ashok Buddhiraja, senior producer on DD National. He has also worked with directors like Gurbir Singh Grewal and Mehmood Nazir. Post this, Shad worked as a senior producer on Jhankar TV between 2005-06. He kicked off his television career with the show Chupchaal which was a Documentary Drama that aired on DD National. He followed this with TV shows like Roshani Ki Meenar which was another Documentary Drama.

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As an anchor, he has hosted the Dance based show Chak Dhoom that was telecast on Jhankar TV.


As actor

  • 1990 Chupchaal
  • 1991 Roshani Ki Meenar
  • 1995 Kahani Shahjahanabad Ki

As anchor

  • 2003 Lajwaab Talent Show
  • 2005 Chak Dhoom

As assistant director

  • 1991 Roshani Ki Meenar
  • 1996 Dastoor

As associate director

  • 2010–2011 Sitare Zameen Par

As director

  • 2005 Chak Dhoom


Date of Birth: June 30th, 1976

Age: 39 years

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