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Royal Enfield Classic Chrome: The Old Gold in a New Avatar!

Royal Enfield Classic Chrome sets the pulse racing of every racing buff.

The old reliable Royal Enfield Classic 350 has been upgraded to Classic Chrome and retains its classic aura of the vintage era. The bike proves that a dated design can still hold its own amongst its modern-day contemporaries.

The Look:

The look of Royal Enfield Classic Chrome remains that of the Royal Enfield 350 of the early ’40s. What has changed is the chrome finish that shimmers from a mile away, adding to its great looks. In addition, there are some basic touches, like the chrome-finish rounded headlight in contrast to body-coloured suspension and front mudguard. The rounded fuel tank blends well with the overall design of the bike. The minimalistic rear and side body panels are offset by the chrome battery covers on the two sides. At the rear end is a tail light and licence plate in a single black unit affixed atop chrome-finish read mudguard. There is choice of a single seat or double seats, depending upon the rider’s preference.

The Console:

A no frills instrument console comprises an analogue speedometer, odometer and battery indicator. The absence of fuel gauge, though glaring in this modern-day version, is reminiscent of age-old appeal of yesteryears bikes.

The Performance:

The Royal Enfield Classic Chrome carries forward the legacy of its elder sibling. It retains the same engine as other Classic 500cc offerings and churns out 27.2 BHP at 5250 rpm and 41.3 Nm at 4000 rpm. The engine is wedded to a five-speed manual transmission and with a high torque value the feels simply awesome. It comes with electronic fuel injection that works wonders in increasing the mileage.

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The Ride:

Riding the bike gives a commanding feel, what with its low frequency trademark thumping engine sound that identifies it from a mile away. With an outstanding ride quality, the Classic Chrome has set the benchmark even higher for its rivals. Despite being a bulky motorcycle, it handles pretty well on all types of terrain. This motorcycle proves ideal for long highway cruising, but requires expertise in negotiating the city traffic due to its weight.

The Consumption:

For its bulk and weight, the Classic Chrome gives a respectable 32 kmpl in city conditions that improves significantly on highways.

The Comfort and Safety:

The bike remains quite stable at high speed, what with its weight of 187 kg that allows a top speed of 131 kmph. Despite the simple looking and dated suspension setup of front telescopic forks and rear gas charged shocks, it still bears all the bumps and grinds of potholed roads in its stride, ensuring a smooth ride.

The Colours:

The bike is available in three most appealing shades: Chrome, Battle Green and Desert Storm.

Royal Enfield Classic Chrome

The Cost:

The electric start, disc brake bike is priced at Rs. 1,84,072

The Verdict:

The look of Classic Chrome is what makes it a winner and continues to attract its ardent fans. It certainly is worth the money. Ask this question before you do. If you are a diehard fan of Royal Enfield bikes, then this one is good to begin your biking career with this company of international repute. Rest if you are still searching for a competitor bike which can challenge the monopoly of this one, then you will always find null result. It has simply the best in class of everything. It is a bit costly but the performance is worth to it. You cannot ignore this one. It is an all time hit.

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Have a safe and superb riding experience.

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