Patel SIR Telugu Movie Review, Rating | Vasu Parimi | Jagapati Babu - Top Post

Patel SIR Telugu Movie Review, Rating | Vasu Parimi | Jagapati Babu

Patel SIR Telugu Movie Review, Rating | Vasu Parimi | Jagapati Babu

Movie Review: Patel SIR

Patel S.I.R: Drug story misses the high note

Patel S.I.R’ Review: Shabby Revenge Story

Patel SIR

A retired army man’s revenge against the drug mafia

There couldn’t have been a better time to release this film. As the story begins, we understand a synthetic drug racket is being busted, a man says lot of people in high places (the film industry is not mentioned) are involved . With Jagapati Babu at the helm and drugs as the premise, you anticipate a tight plot and screenplay with no place for romance, songs and comedy. But no, we do have a few numbers and Posani Krishna Murali and Raghu Babu do some loud talking and make effort to elicit few laughs.

A 60-year old man retired from the Armed Forces lives in isolation after his wife’s death and after his family is wiped out by the drug mafia. The only one who gives company to this Patel Sir is his small grand-daughter who’s blinded during the fatal attack on the family. (S.I.R) Strictly it’s revenge by Patel Sir.

Newcomer Vasu Parimi executes the story deftly with an interesting screenplay. Yet, despite the technical finesse, what stops one from raving about it is a very ordinary story. A drug mafia having links with politicians, cops, hawala and a twist in the climax of someone the hero trusted being part of the nexus doesn’t raise eyebrows at all. It is a laidback watch with only one scene of the grandfather forging a bond with the grandchildren coming alive. To put it in a nutshell, Jagapati Babu plays Patel Sir who wants his son too in the Armed Forces but the son chooses medicine. There is no interaction between the parents and the son till Patel’s wife (Aamani) is on her death bed. The junior Jagapati settles down with his father and everything seems fine till the former rescues a man shot on the road and killed by the doctor at the hospital. That man parts with some crucial evidence about the drug kingpin. The second half of the story has the mafia killing Patel’s family in his absence and Patel takes revenge and gets his grand-daughter’s eyesight restored.

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It is surprising to see a talented artiste like Padma Priya return with an inane role. Jagapati Babu’s character has a single dimension — aggressive and focused. No one has a problem watching a 60 year old man taking revenge but the entire story has nothing that makes you sit up and take notice.

Patel S.I.R

Cast: Jagapati Babu, Padma Priya, Posani

Storyline: A man sets out to avenge the death of his family members

Director: Vasu Parimi

Music: DJ Vasanth

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