NEW LAUNCH OF XQD, Sd storage cards by “sony” starting at Rs 3500

 Today, the smartphone manufacturing business is not giving much preference to the SD cards. However, still they are cheaper as compared to the other internal storage alternatives available in the market. The memory cards are still very famous in other zones like, while taking photographs. It is one of the best choices when it comes to a detachable storage device. Recently, the Japanese company “Sony” has presented a range of XQD, SD Storage Cards in the market for professional photojournalists or photographers.

The latest XQD-M32/J SYM, XQD-M64/J SYM as well as XQD-M128/J SYM storage cards has been launched at the varied price range of ‎R 3,500 – ‎Rs 6,700 – ‎Rs 14,500 correspondingly. According to the company, MRW-E90 is the world’s 1st XQD/SD memory card reader. The prices of SF-M 32, SF-M 64 and the SF-M 128 are ‎Rs 4,795, ‎RS 7,215, and ‎RS 11,545 respectively.

The company’s recently launched series comprises of both XQD as well as SD cards. The XQD-M series provides the transfer of data at a speed of up to 440MB/s (read) as well as 150MB/s (write). However, the SF-M series performs the transfer at a speed of up to 260MB/s (read) in addition to the 100MB/s (write).

There is one more card reader that is introduced as the MRW-E90. According to the company, MRW-E90 is the world’s 1st XQD/SD memory card reader. It is again intended for expert photographers and will transmit the 64GB of data in around three minutes only.

Sony Launches XQD SG storage cards

The XQD-G series of the Sony is capable of recording up to 200 frames in continuous photographing and is manufactured for high professional DSLRs cameras, for example, Nikon D5. All of the above cards are dirt-proof, anti-stationary, magnet proof. In case, the user accidentally deleted the images or videos, the Sony’s rescue software can easily recover it back.

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