New Delhi, Delhi, India 14 day weather forecast - Top Post

New Delhi, Delhi, India 14 day weather forecast

New Delhi, Delhi, India 14 day weather forecast

New Delhi, Delhi, India 14 day weather forecast

Severe heatwave grips Delhi, maximum reaches 47 degrees 

Hot and humid weather is distressing the residents of Delhi 

Delhi weather


Delhi weather has been playing wicked games with the residents during the last few days. While last week happened to be pleasant enough with temperatures remaining only slightly above the normal levels, this week has seen an unpleasant change in the maximum temperatures.

During the last few days, the maximum temperature has been on a high with the mercury crossing the 40-degree mark on several occasions. In fact, the last 72 hours have been hot enough for Delhi and the NCR region where in the maximum reached 45 degrees a day before resulting in heatwave conditions.

But it seems like that wasn’t enough for the weather gods, they decided to punish Delhiites even more with increasing temperatures over the city. At present, the maximum in the Palam observatory in Delhi settled at a whopping 47 degrees which happens to be not one or two but a massive six notches above the normal levels. In fact, it also happens to be the highest maximum in May in two years.

Not only this, the minimum temperature has also been above the normal levels crossing the 30-degree mark.

As per weathermen at Skymet Weather, absence of any weather activity over the Northwestern plains have been responsible for such sky high temperatures. Also, winds from the Sindh and Rajasthan region have been blowing over the city which are already hot and dry in nature.

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The bad news is that this situation is expected to persist over the city for at least 24-48 hours and no relief is likely. All that the Delhiites can do as of now is beg for the rain gods to show their faces at least for a little bit of time.

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