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Nayan Khanolkar Wiki, Age, Height, Bio, Worth, Assets

Nayan Khanolkar from very early stage of the life has an interest in the photography after reading the book by Jim Corbett – The Man eaters of Kumaom. At the age of 12 he read this book and had a curiosity towards the wildlife photography. With this wildlife photography as a career, he could in a better way able to unite with the nature. 


Nayan Khanolkar is urged towards the wildlife photography in the early age of 12 after reading the book of Jim Corbett. After he had done his post graduation it does not make him satisfied. All the life style of the city had repartee him. This pushed him towards the research in wildlife photography and it makes him to choose this as a profession. For this he had left his job and opted for the freelance lecturer in order to finance oneself and the passion. He had worked on wildlife photography in the cold deserts as Ladakh, to the blue lagoons in the Lakshadweep and to different parts of India which made him cover the various habitats. He had taken over 5000 photographs, but in that most of them are the birds.  Nayan Khanolkar wanted to develop an elaborate pictures collection of the birds in India and about their entire life cycle through their pictures.

After long profession in photography he had the turning point in his career after taking the photos and documenting as the big cat in the urban areas. In this the main focus is on the big cats only. Nayan Khanolkar has been teaching wildlife photography in the schools .

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Nayan Khanolkar had done his post graduation from St. Xavier’s college in Mumbai. Then he had done the research with Bombay National Historic Society (BNHS). In this he had done the research and took wildlife photography as the research topic in Bharatpur at Keoladeo National Park.

Net Worth



Eastern Imperial Eagle

Steppe Eagle

Robin Accentor

Great Rosefinch


Black Redstart

Black Redstart

Black Redstart

Russet Sparrow

Brown-headed Gull


Himalayan Griffon

Himalayan Griffon

Booted Eagle

Short-toed Snake Eagle

Intermediate Egret

Zitting Cisticola

Rosy Minivet

Blue-winged Minla

Hooded Pitta

The Alley Cat

Leopards of Mumbai

The Urban Big Cat

Mascots of Mumbai’s Wildlife

Living with Leopards – Conflict or Coexistence?

Birds of India 


BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award 

Personal Info

 Name – Nayan Khanolkar

Place of Birth – Mumbai

Religion – Hinduism

Profession – Photographer and freelance lecturer  


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