Happy Doctors Day!  National Doctors’ Day is celebrated in India on July 1 to honor noted Indian physician Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy who was born on July 1, 1882 and died on the same date in 1962. The day is celebrated for contributions of physicians to individual lives and communities. On July 1, people all across the nation observe this day to pay tribute to all the doctors in our lives and for their relentless efforts to save their patients.

We share with you some a list of questions that you must ask the next time you head to your doctor. A curious patient is always a healthy patient, so be empowered an empowered patient. The next time you visit your doctor, do not just simply talk about your symptoms,collect your medications and head back home. Be proactive and ask these questions to your doctor. (ALSO READ Health precautions for monsoon: 7 tips to stay healthy this rainy season).

I Googled my symptoms, but what do you think?

Anyone with a blog can give you medial information online. Though most of us are guilty of Googling our symptoms online, we never tell our doctors about it. So the next time you visit your doctor you need to tell them about your online research and then listen to your doctor’s advice with an open mind.

What are the specific areas I need work on before my next visit?

Remember you need to become an empowered patient by making the most of your doctor’s visit, so ask your doctor what areas you need to work on before your next visit. Your doctor will specify the area of your health you need too work on and the preventive care that can help you to stay healthy and take control of your health. (ALSO READ These 3 habits are slowing down your metabolism!).

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What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

Though you will get over your sickness after your dose of medication, it is important to ask your doctor what you should be doing to prevent it from happening again. The preventive measures suggested by your doctor will help you to strategise ways to make better and healthy choices.

Why am I taking this medication?

You don’t have to blindly trust the judgement of the doctor. It is alright to ask why are you being given a particular medication to have an open conversation about your treatment. This will make you understand what kind of medicines are you taking and why are you taking it for your treatment. (ALSO READ Sleeping for 8 hours is not enough! What time you sleep at is as important, says this study).

When should I fix my next appointment?

Visiting your doctor should not be restricted to the times you are sick. You need to be proactive about your health and schedule regular appointments for your health checkups. Fixing an appointment before you leave your doctor’s cabin can actually empower you to make healthy choices.