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‘Namotel Acche Din’ is the Cheapest Smartphone at only Rs. 99!

It appears that cheapest smartphones are really going to take over the market anytime soon. After the Freedom 251 which was the first smartphone that cost barely 251 rupees or $4, now another company takes a shot at making really cheap smartphones. What’s more surprising is, this time this newer phone is even cheaper than the Freedom 251. It’s called Namotel Acche Din, and the quoted price is only Rs. 99 or $1.5!

‘Acche Din’ is a common daily phrase in Hindi which means ‘Good Day’ in English, and this branding is being marketed by an Indian company named Namotel. The company is based at Bengaluru, and they have presumably made the world’s cheapest phone right at this moment. The phone just came out yesterday 18th May 2016 at a press conference where the company’s marketing executive Madhav Reddy spoke on behalf of the company. He showcased the device, and contributed us with the configuration and market aspects of this smartphone.

Speaking of availability, the smartphone is up for pre-ordering on Namotel’s website and the pre-booking will go on until 25th of May, 2016. For a smartphone worth Rs. 99, who wouldn’t want to give it a try? Information on the pre-booking could be found at the Namotel website.


However, the Namotel Acche Din is an attempt to book another business as well. Before proceeding with the pre-booking on Namotel website, a prospective buyer needs to first open an account at BeMyBanker.com and acquire a User ID and password, which will later be required to pre-book the Namotel Acche Din. An additional bank fee of Rs. 199 has to be paid on BeMyBanker’s account, which is a one-time payment for lifetime.

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Unfortunately, neither Namotel nor BeMyBanker websites were live during the time this report has been written. We assume some technical issues must have commenced due to excessive rush to this website. After all, you don’t see a $1.5 smartphone every day!

‘Namotel Acche Din

On another note, the previous inexpensive smartphones in the Indian market like Freedom 251 and Docoss X1 are having price hike and also mixed reviews from the consumers end. Freedom 251 somehow still manages to keep the price to the edge while Docoss X1 rises to Rs. 888, as seen on a very recent market study.

On the hardware specification side, Namotel Acche Din comes with a very basic level hardware configuration. A smartphone that even costs lesser than a pair of good headphones, there shouldn’t be any complain on the configuration, and it’s still a very good hardware setup for anything that costs this low. Acche Din has a 4 inch display with 480×800 pixels of resolution, offering a pretty decent ppi for the sharpness and readability on the screen. The handset offers 1 GB RAM and 4 GB of internal storage space, also a microSD card slot to expand the internal memory up to 32 GB. It has VGA camera in the front, and a 2 MP rear camera and the OS is Android 5.1 Lollipop. Surprising, it’s a 3G dual SIM phone.

With this new ‘cheapest’ smartphone in the horizon, the marketing equations of the inexpensive smartphones in India is ought to face a major facelift in the upcoming days.

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