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N.D Tiwari Son Rohit Shekhar Sharma Wiki, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Personal Details

Rohit Shekhar Sharma is in news yet again, not with the parental identity issue with father N.D Tiwari, the hot news that changed stats of Elections this year said  Rohit Shekhar Sharma joined BJP. The father-son pair hoping great chances in BJP hopes ticket for Rohit Shekhar Sharma from the Kumau region of Uttrakhand.


Rohit Shekhar Sharma Wiki

Rohit Shekhar Sharma not lived or linked with N.D Tiwari since childhood, in order prove N.D Tiwari as his biological father long controversial court fight was involved in the year 2015. Rohit Shekhar wanted N.D Tiwari to announce him as his son but N.D Tiwari denied it calling it a false statement. In order to get a better future prospect, Rohit won the case and N.D Tiwari accepted him later as his son and Ujwala Sharma (Rohit’s biological mother) as his wife.

Schooling and further information about Rohit Shekhar is not available, as he joined BJP along with father N.D Tiwari. Better future in the political field is the hope of both father and son, Rohit may contest election form Kumau region of Uttrakhand.

After supporting win from the court, Rohit Shekhar Sharma’s biological father N.D Tiwari tied the knot with Ujwala Sharma in 2014 at age 88.


The political career of Rohit is yet to start, BJP stands a strong chance in Uttrakhand, riding BJP Kart will surely help Rohit Shekhar to win the opportunity offered as Kumau or any other prestigious seat in Uttrakhand.

Net Worth

The information about the net worth of Rohit Shekhar is not available.

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Rohit Shekhar Sharma is single and there are no controversial relationship attached with him yet.

Personal Information

  • Name: Rohit Shekhar Sharma
  • Date of Birth: Not Known
  • Place of Birth: Not Known
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Profession: Politician
  • Language Known: Hindi, English
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