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MUMBAI: Neeraj Hatekar, Mumbai University professor, who was suspended and reinstated during Rajan Welukar’s tenure, has decided to take voluntary retirement from University service on Monday.

While speaking to TOI, Hatekar said that the vice-chancellor (Sanjay Deshmukh) has no regard for the self respect of a teacher. “He pressurised me to tender an apology for a social media post. Looking at the larger good of students I agreed to do so. But it did not stop there, as the university decided to issue a circular about my apology without my knowledge late last night,” said Hatekar.

Hatekar was referring to his social media post about Officer on Special Duty, Vinayak Dalvie, threatening the teachers with stringent action in case of non-performance of their evaluation duties. Dalvie’s statement had appeared in the print media. The university, however, issued a circular stating that the OSD was misquoted and that Hatekar has issued an apology. “Why should a university issue a circular over a Facebook post? It was a breach of trust as I was not informed,” asked Hatekar.

In a Facebook post last night, Hatekar wrote that whatever is happening at the Mumbai University is deeply distressing and the time has come, for those who feel for the university, to come together and act. The time for silence is over, he wrote. “I realise that I will be more effective in working towards the betterment of the university fighting for it from the outside rather than being a part of a hopeless, spineless system led by stooges who only understand expediency of survival. I feel uncomfortable that earning my daily sustenance involves deference to such a system,” wrote Hatekar.


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