Mubarakan Review Anil is the scene-stealer with his half Brit-half - Top Post

Mubarakan Review Anil is the scene-stealer with his half Brit-half

Mubarakan Review Anil is the scene-stealer with his half Brit-half

Mubarakan Movie Review: Anil Kapoor Lends Lustre To Proceedings Before Idiocy Quotient Peaks

Mubarakan movie review: Anil Kapoor outshines Arjun Kapoor in this partly funny film

Mubarakan Movie Review: The film is generally puerile, occasionally fun, and always unabashedly

Mubarakan Review AnilAnil Kapoor takes charge of the brigade in Mubarakan.

Cast: Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz, Athiya Shetty
Director: Anees Bazmee
Rating: 2.5/5

Anees Bazmee’s Welcome is one of the most underrated comedies of recent times. However, over the years, it has become one of the most watched films on TV.

In fact, its situational comedy is a lesson in comic timing and how to carry off a slapstick humour. This amazingly funny film revolves around an eligible bachelor who falls in love with a gangster’s sister, and how he creates confusion to have his way. Since then, Bazmee has directed Singh Is Kinng, No Problem, Thank You, Ready and Welcome Back. All these films had the theme of marriage at the centre.

Its songs and comic gags are of the routine variety. It seeks to propel itself on the back of the seductive power of familiarity, manages to do a tolerable job pre-interval but, taken as a whole, Mubarakan is neatly and niftily packaged crap that never stops reeking of stupidity. If there is anything positive in this attempted laugh riot, it is its refusal to take itself seriously – an attribute that stands the film in good stead when it begins to stretch beyond the plausible and the passable.

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Mubarakan is a comedy that revolves around two weddings and a whole lot of confusion. Before the lovebirds can have their nuptials solemnized in a gurudwara, they have to fly though two-and-a-half hours of turmoil caused by familial pressures and mistaken amorous liaisons.

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Mubarakan Movie Review: A still from the film. (Image courtesy: Arjun Kapoor)

The twins separated at birth are played by Arjun Kapoor. One, Charan, grows up as a turbaned Sardar in the home of Baldev (Pavan Malhotra) in Punjab. The other, Karan, is raised by Baldev’s elder sister Jeeto (Ratna Pathak Shah), in London. In the film’s opening sequence, the two boys lose their parents in a road mishap. Their spinster uncle Kartar (Anil Kapoor), who has turned a rustic part of the UK into a mini Punjab, divides the orphans between his two elder siblings and then proceeds to fuel the chaos that ensues when the duo is ready for dalliances.

The clumsy Charan, five minutes Karan’s junior, loves Nafisa Qureishi (Neha Sharma) but lacks the guts to let his conservative family know his feelings for the girl. As a consequence, his father and his London-based aunt decide that he is a suitable boy for Binkle (Athiya Shetty), daughter of a wealthy Punjabi (Rahul Dev).

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Mubarakan Movie Review: Arjun and Anil Kapoor in the film. (Image courtesy: Arjun Kapoor)

Charan turns to uncle Kartar for help in order to scuttle the impending wedding. At the uncle’s behest, he passes himself off as a drug addict. Binkle’s father and her brother Manpreet (Karan Kundrra) throw a fit and humiliate Charan’s adoptive father Baldev. The latter and Jeeto end up fighting so violently over the imbroglio that they stop talking to each other. The slighted Baldev asserts that he will find a bride for Charan within a month. He leaves for Chandigarh without exchanging goodbyes.

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