Retired Bolivian Gen. Gary Prado Salmon, who in October 1967 captured Ernesto “Che” Guevara, said that the leadership of the Cuban communist party sent the iconic Argentine-Cuban guerrilla leader “to die in Bolivia” because they didn’t want to put up with him any longer.

In an interview with EFE in the eastern city of Santa Cruz, Prado defended that hypothesis, which will be in the prologue of the new edition of his book “La Guerrilla Inmolada,” which analyzes Guevara’s downfall while serving with a guerrilla group in Bolivia almost 50 years ago.

“After so many years, what has come out is that ultimately they sent Che here to die. They rid themselves of him. That is the reality. (Fidel) Castro rid himself of (Che). Not only because he wanted to, but because the Cuban communist party leadership could not stand him any longer because of his character and his way of being impulsive,” Prado said.

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