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Know About Bunty Sachdeva, Sonakshi Sinha’s Rumoured Boyfriend

Bunty Sachdeva is popularly known as the endorsement manager for many Bollywood celebrities across India. Bunty is also known as Amit Sajdeh. Many say that he uses two names as he prefers hiding his identity from new people that he meets. His line of work brings him in touch with some of the hottest Bollywood actresses. He is infamously known for dating various Bollywood celebrities and then breaking up with them. Bunty was allegedly dating Diya Mirza, Neha Dhupia, Sushmita Sen and Sonakshi Sinha. Although all actresses denied these rumors, there were many who claimed that these rumors were in fact true.

Bunty is no strange name in the film industry. He has been in the news a couple of times, mainly for his affairs with some of the top actresses. Bunty and Sonaskhi Sinha have been spotted often these days and this has raised eyebrows everywhere.(ref- Though Sonakshi did not accept this rumour still industry might hear some news in coming days.

sonakshi sinha and bunty sachdev affair

Bunty first met Sonakshi in 2012 when he started managing her endorsements. This is when they were first rumored to be in couple, however things cooled down and they didn’t seem to spend too much time together since Sona got busy with work. However, it seems that sparks are flying between them all over again and the two are dating. We wonder what Mr. Sinha will have to say about the guy in his daughter’s life. It’s not that Bunty is not doing well; it’s his past that might haunt his girlfriend’s protective father. Apart from the long list of girlfriends to Bunty’s list, he is also a divorcee who left his wife of 4 years when he first got attracted to a former Miss Universe.

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While Bunty has not been seen onscreen, he is no stranger to Bollywood. He has managed a number of high profile celebs and is often spotted at Bollywood events. Bunty Sachdeva is the brother of Seema Khan who is the wife of Sohail Khan.

Bunty manages some of the top celebs in B-Town as well as some popular sports personals. His clients include Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma to name a few.




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