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Kismat Baig Wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Worth, Assets

Kismat Baig was a famous theatre actor in Lahore, Pakistan. She was an extremely talented actress and was also very bold. She always made her point clear and was a rational thinker. She became very popular after her stage performances. She also performed dancing at the theatres in Lahore. She was recently shot dead when she was returning home from her performance in Lahore. An unidentified gunman shot her dead. The gunman was riding a car and a motorcycle intercepted her on 24th November 2016 evening, when she was coming back home. Kismat was shot 11 times on her body including her legs, stomach, and hands. Her driver was shot as well. They were immediately rushed to the service hospital, but the doctors couldn’t save her because of the non-stop bleeding. Her brother has registered a police case on unidentified suspects after his complaints. It was a shocking incident and the people of the arts community are stunned by this behavior. Earlier a similar incident took place in Lahore, where a fan poisoned the TV host of a local news channel. It was a terrible incident. Kismat was a wonderful girl and a profound artist.

The driver is reported stable. Asgar hussain who is the investing officer of the case suspects that the killing was targeted and also that her estranged lover can be behind this act. Her driver, who was there, said that, one of the killers after shooting on her legs said- ‘Kismat now you will not be able to dance’. Asgar said that Kismat had some relations with an industrialist in Faisalabad and also she had been targeted twice earlier as well. They will soon be questioning him and his family members and the case will get its killer soon. A Lot of other stage actors has been killed earlier in Pakistan either by some estranged lovers or because of some enmity issues.

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Kismat Baig Wiki,

Kismat Baig was a famous theatre actress in Lahore, Pakistan. She has acted in a lot of stage plays. She was recently shot dead when she was returning home from her performance on 24th November 2016.

Net Worth: Not Known

Television Performance: Not Known

Personal Info:

Name: Kismat Biag

Date of Birth: Not Known

Age: Not Known

Place of Birth: Not Known

Schools: Not Known

College: Not Known

Father: Not Known

Mother: Not Known

Brother: Not Known

Sister: Not Known

Marital Status: Unmarried

Affair: Not Known

Religion: Muslim

Zodiac Sign: Not Known

Height: Not Known

Weight: Not Known

Eye Colour: Not Known

Profession: Theatre Actor

Languages Known: Urdu and English


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