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Kehkashan Basu Wiki, Age, Height, Bio, Worth, Assets – International Children’s Peace Prize Winner 2016

Kehkashan Basu the International Children’s Peace Prize Winner is an Indian born living in UAE. She lives in the UAE and at such a young age she is thinking for the world and the environment. Born on 5th June, which also happens to be the World Environment day Kehkashan Basu feels herself as privileged and she thinks that she is born only to spread the message of peace and to become and eco-warrior. Kehkashan Basu started working towards protecting the environment when she was just eight years old. She is a very smart kid and is also the peace prizewinner as mentioned above. She wants the future to be green and healthy and she is dedicating her life to make sure that her dreams of seeing the future green is achieved.


Kehkashan Basu Wiki

Kehkashan Basu received the International Children’s Peace Prize award for her fight for climate and environment. She received this prestigious award from the Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Laureate Mohammad Yunus at The Hague. She started working towards making the environment a better place to live when she was just 8 years old. Since then she has been working hard to support the youth and children across the boundaries. She was also the youngest girl who participated in the international delegate at Rio+20 and won the global award from the UNCCD. She was also the only child to be the part of the UN press Conference. She also conducted many workshops at the Rio+20 and also launched the first Asia Pacific Youth Water Summit. The UNCSD MGCY also approached her to become the voice of the children and youth at the different forums and to reach out to the children and help them in sustainability. Basu is also the founder of the Green Hope UAE that focuses on providing knowledge to the children and the youth and to carry forward the Legacy that was set in the Rio. She is also the president of the World Future Council and is the regional ambassador of TUNZA Ecogeneration. She is also the member of the UNEP, TUNZA, and Emirates Environmental group. She is also the chairperson of the International Youth Council. She has won several awards. She has also won the NRI of the year award in the year 2014, 2015 Diana Award for active campaigner and GESS Award as Ambassador for the environment.

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Net Worth: Not Known


Personal Info:

Name: Kehkashan Basu

Date of Birth: 5 June

Age: 15 Years

Place of Birth: UAE

Schools: Not Known

College: N/A

Father: Not Known

Mother: Not Known

Marital Status: Unmarried

Religion: Not Known

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Eye Colour: Black

Profession: Environmentalist

Languages Known: English


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