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Karva chauth Vrat date and Puja timings, Moon Rising Time

Karva chauth, also known as Karaka chaturthi is a festival celebrated by north Indian woman in which they fast from sunrise to moonrise for long life of their husbands. Karva chauth falls on the fourth day of the full moon in the month of  kartik.sometimes even unmarried woman keep the fast for their desired husband or fiance. Karva chauth is celebrated in the states of Madhya Pradesh,Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan ,Himachal Pradesh,Haryana and Punjab.There are many legends associated with Karva chauth festival. The famous story of queen veervati acts as the framework for the karva chauth. Now a day women all over India fast on the day of Karva chauth.


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Karva chauth in 2016,Important date and timings

Date :19th October, 2016 (Wednesday)
Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat = 5:04 to 6:19

Duration = 1 Hour 15 Mins

Moonrise On Karwa Chauth Day = 8:14 pm

Karva chauth Tithi Begins = 22:47 on 18/10/2016
Karva chauth Tithi Ends = 19:32 on 19/10/2016


Women start preparing for karva chauth, a few days in advance by buying cosmetics,jewellery,karva lamps ,henna and decorated puja thali.Local markets get crowded with karva chauth related products. Women get up to eat just before sunrise in Punjab.In uttar Pradesh, women eat soot feni with milk which helps them live without water for next day.Sargi is an important part of karva chauth meal which is sent by her mother in law as a part of ritual traditionally in punjab.On the day of karva chauth women do not eat for entire day.

Women are not supposed to do any housework.They spend their time socialising with other women.parents send gift for their married daughters.Karva chauth follows soon after kharif crop,therefore its a time for community relations.women dress in their finest clothing, jewelleries and heena.The women sit in a circle with their puja thalis.The story of Karva chauth is told by a woman.An older woman or priest narrates the story.The woman sing karua chauth songs in between breaks and also pass their Thalia around called feris.They perform 7 feris.The fasters offer bayana (halwa puri) to the idols.After the fera ceremony,woman waits for the moonrise.When the moon rises,woman view the moon’s reflection in a water filled vessel through a sieve and water is offered to the moon.women then turn towards their husband and see them in the same manner.The husband takes the water from puja Thali and gives his wife the first sip of water and food to break the fast.

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