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Jabardasth Vinod (Vinodini) – Age, Wiki, Bio, Real Photos

Jabardasth Vinod aka Vinodini, Highly famous for telugu audience as vinodini for his continous lady getups & acting as female in almost all the roles for his skits. Vinod termed into as vinodini has a strong passion to prove himself in the film industry.

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People often wonder if he is a man or women, but he is a MAN . He never gets out of female roles and perhaps this misconception has occured. Let us see some small wiki about him


Vinod comes from a poor family and has a zeal to be a celebrity, he hasnt completed his graduation and thus ended up in acting. Vinod says that he is not ashamed of taking female roles and claims he has soft voice that sounds like lady. Whatever it is he is now earning more than 1 lakh per event.


Name : Vinod Nani ( popular as Vinodini )

Age : 29

Date of birth : 8th september 1987

Place of birth : Vijayawada, AP

Education : Not completed graduation

Occupation : Comedian in Jabardasth

Marital Status : Single

Family : 2 sisters

Family status : poor


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