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Is Jabardasth Naresh Age 17 Years? Facts Revealed

Who Knows the talk of jabardasth show, the child actor who tickles ur ribs with his cute voice and childish immatureness. But fact is that he is 17 years!


naresh looks like kid jabardasth naresh

naresh looks like kid

The reason behind he looking like a 8 year old is that he has a rare tumour on his pituatory gland which is impacting his growth hormones.

He was first advised by doctor for tumour removal but later he joined jabardasth for earning the surgery costs. Now he is growing up soon as celebrity and we wish any popular rich person can afford the costs of his surgery to make him look upto his age.

Naresh has first approached bullet bhaskar for a role in skits, after telling his sad story behind his tumour, bhaskar gave him a chance and now he has become a childhood i.e manhood celebrity in bullet bhaskar skits.

He generates instant humour by saying “annayyyaaaa….”



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