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Interesting Facts on ‘Google Allo’ and How It Differs from WhatsApp

Remember the days when you had to cope with the old ways of postal services to send a message down the line. That seems a trip down the memory lane, doesn’t it? Guess, the postal stamps are just for the collectibles these days.

The adhering global networking compatibility has made the world a smaller place to envision. These modern day tech rules have allowed us one of the easiest means of communication. And guess what, it hasn’t disappointed yet.

But how about seeking a notch, better that the prevailing technological advancements. Here’s your crack of the whip in form of ‘Google Allo’. Google Allo is the new frontal in the mass of messaging world and one that can take the game by the scruff of the neck to the prevailing players of the market. Read along for the intriguing facts about Google Allo.

What’s Google Allo

Google Allo

Google Allo, a smart messaging app that has been in the making for the past few months has finally been released today and marks the herald of a next-gen messaging. The messaging app is laden with smart features which pretty much supports the theme of smart messaging.

The app marks the presence of Google in the segment of messaging previously dominated by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. Google Allo is determined to strew the limelight away from these oldies in the block with its erstwhile advanced features.

Well, chats will never be the same with this new modern embellish of smart messaging. It’s time we jump the train into the journey with Google. You with me?Let’s head down and resonate the differences between the Google Allo and the oldies of the block WhatsApp (You could even add Facebook Messenger, iMessage to the list). Shall we?


The contrasting difference


Google Assistant

If you have enjoyed the company of Google Now these past few months, then there’re absolutely no qualms that you wouldn’t enjoy this one. Google Assistant is an extension of the Google Now feature and acts as a personal assistant to you, albeit virtually. The feature helps communication tread faster and easier on the go. In fact, it can trace back and source any information you want from the internet. That’s definitely a win for Google Allo.

In-message Searches

Think of the way how you searched for information on the WhatsApp or other messaging apps. You had to close the app every time you wanted to search or source some information from the internet. Well, bid adieu to it, as Google Allo allows for in-message searches and keeps you off the trouble of closing the app.

Image Recognition

With Google incorporating ‘photo recognition’ in this app, one can tread picture recognition and suggest an automatic response to the user. That way you could select along the best-suited advice and help your chat on its way.

Automatic Response

If you have had a hard time typing out responses during messaging, let Google Allo handle that on your behalf. The software packed with machine-learning technology picks up user’s most frequent responses and suggests a list of tradable exchanges. So the next time, someone sends you a ‘How are you?’, let Google Allo send back an automated response in accordance with your past responses. Easy-peasy, Japanesey!  

Text Formatting

Google Allo allows the user to format the text into any smaller or larger font as desired. In fact, just a slide of the button shall work wonders for increasing or decreasing the text size, something that WhatsApp doesn’t allow.

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Stickers and Scribbles

Google Allo has a wide-range of stickers to engross the users into messaging front and even lets the users scribble on the pictures before hitting the mark. That shall keep the messaging enjoyable.

Selective End to End Encryption

If you’ve ever sought clarification regarding encryption of WhatsApp, all you’d know is WhatsApp offers end to end encryption. But Google Allo offers selective end to end encryption apart from the norm of an end to end encryption. This additional feature allows you to avail incognito mode for a chat. That shall take care of your chat history. (smirks) 

Will Google Allo Succeed?

For starters, this is the first instance of Google picking up a messaging app as there’s quite a difference between the Hangouts that used Google email accounts and this premier messaging app Google Allo.

But Google Allo is integrated with a smart assistant and a host of other magnanimous features that marks a vivid difference from the WhatsApp and other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and iMessage. That shall do wonders for the app.

Guess we might be talking back in a few days’ time about how Google Allo took the smart messaging world by storm, won’t we?

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