Interesting Facts About Pokemon Go

Pokemon is definitely one of the most popular cartoon characters. Recently the game Pokemon Go created a storm in New Zealand, the United States and Australia. This new game is slowly turning people into Smartphone gazing zombies as they look for hunting these little cartoon characters at different locations.

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Interesting Facts About Pokemon Go

For all those who are not aware of whom Pokemon is or for those who have forgotten about this cute character, here are a few facts to refresh your mind.

#1. According to a US tracking service, Pokemon Go has already been installed in over 5 percent of Android users just three days after the release of the app. This number of higher than Tinder which is currently has the highest downloads in the country.

#2. Pokemon is currently in competition with Nintendo which has managed to sell more than 277 Million Pokemon games to date. It has also sold over 21 billion trading cards in 10 different languages and featured in 17 movies in a time span of 20 years. Pokemon Go has high numbers to match up to.

#3. Since the launch of Pokemon Go, the stocks for Nintendo have gone up by more than $9 Billion which is a huge amount. This has also added to the value of the investors and in the company growth.

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#4. Almost 3 percent of the entire population of the United States has downloaded the Pokemon Go game on their android devices. Over 60 percent of these users have used it daily since downloading.

#5. The total sales and licenses for Pokemon have earned Nintendo staggering revenue of $57.65 billion in 2015.

#6. Users outside the United States have been trying to download the Pokemon Go game by using the APK. The source of this APK saw the traffic to its website rise from 600,000 visits as 5th July to 4 million visits on 6th July.

#7. It is said that four suspects in Missouri used the Pokemon Go game to lure 11 users into a deadly trap. The suspects set up various locations on the app where several players could find a wild Pokemon. The suspects then mugged these unsuspecting victims when they arrived at these locations. Their personal belongings and phones were stolen.

#8. The cost of the Pokemon Go Poke Coins is not cheap. You might have to shell out a lot of money to enjoy playing the game. However if you are not open to the idea of spending money to play, you need to save up on your Poke Coins.

#9. Online streaming of the Pokemon Theme called ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ has increased by over 362 percent in the last week. This is following the stupendous success of Pokemon Go. The overall streaming of all Pokemon songs available on Spotify has tripled in the past week. There are over 197 thousand Pokemon playlists created by users and another 53 thousand playlists titled ‘Pikachu’. The top 5 tracks on Spotify that have been streamed the most are Pokemon Theme, Pokemon Johto, Pokerap, Go Pokemon Go and I Want To Be A Hero.

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#10. Pokemon Go is all set to go live by the 15th of July in US, New Zealand and Australia. It will also release in Europe and other countries soon. When questioned about ‘soon’ the officials at Nintendo revealed a few days.

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Updated: July 14, 2016 — 6:32 pm

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