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Interesting Facts About Gaurav Tiwari (Indian Paranormal Society Founder)

Founder of The Indian Paranormal Society, Gaurav Tiwari was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his home, while some people believe it was a ghost that claimed his life, reports prove otherwise. The cause of his death however still remains a mystery.

His wife of five months stated that Gaurav kept saying there was a negative force that was pulling him towards it, and he could not pull himself away from the energy. While he was most popularly known as the ‘Ghost Hunter’ in India, there’s a lot more to the man than what meets the eye. Here are some unknown facts about Gaurav Tiwari that you didn’t know.

Interesting Facts About Gaurav Tiwari


#1. Gaurav was a pilot by training. He had completed his commercial pilot course in Florida when he witnessed his first ever paranormal experience.

#2. According to sources, Gaurav heard strange whispers in the apartment that he lived in and shared with four other people. One of his flat mates has confessed to even seeing an apparition of a young girl.

#3. Gaurav was born to a Hindu family, but he turned into a believer in 2007.

#4. Gaurav was interested in acting during his younger years and even acted in movies such as Tango Charlie and December 16. Gaurav however soon lost interest in acting and moved on to become a pilot.

#5. Gaurav is an ordained minister by the Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Sciences and is referred to as ‘Reverend’ at the church.

#6. Not many know this but Gaurav Tiwari was a certified UFO Field Investigator, a Leading Paranormal Investigator and one of the few ParaNexus representatives in India.

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#7. Gaurav was a real life researcher about the Paranormal and his job dealt with more than just sobs and screams.

#8. Gaurav was also the Founder and CEO of the Indian Paranormal Society.

#9. Gaurav has also featured as a paranormal investigator on various shows such as ‘Girl’s Night Out’ with Rannvijay, a SyFy series named ‘Haunting Australia’ along with Robb Demarest, ‘Haunted Weekends’ with Sunny Leone, lead investigator in the show Ghost Hunters International and various shows on channels such as Live India, Aaj Tak, Star TV, News 24, Zee TV and many more.

#10. Gaurav has been to over 6,000 haunted locations across the country.

#11. Gaurav was also roped in as an expert on a show on Sony TV named ‘Bhoot Aaya’. This show was based on his investigations and research.

#12. Gaurav donned many hats and was also an ardent writer, singer and a cartoonist.

#13. Through all of his research, TV and radio shows, articles and blogs, Gaurav wanted to educate people about the awareness of paranormal presence. He also wanted to take away the irrational fear about spirits and ghosts.

#14. Gaurav was well known among paranormal researchers in various countries such as Nepal, India, Bangladesh, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Brazil and various other countries around the world. He was considered the best at what he did.

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