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India’s Got Talent 2016 Season 7 Winner, Contestant, Judges and Host Name

India’s Got Talent is a popular Indian television reality show that is aired on Colors television network. The show is founded by Sakib Zakir Ahmed in India and is a part of the famous show Britain’s Got Talent. The first episode of India’s Got Talent aired June 2009 and this reality television show has become very popular ever since.

Now into its 7th season, the audience is eager to watch the finals of this season to see who walks away with the winning prize. The grand finale is a few days away and people all over the world can’t wait for the winner to be announced.

IGT 2016


India’s Got Talent begun the 7th season on the 30th of April 2016 and the show is hosted by popular comedian Bharti Singh and Indian actor and model Siddharth Shukla. While Bharti manages to entertain the contestants, judges and the audience with her light hearted humor and funny one liners that will get you cracking up, Siddharth Shukla is the eye candy everyone wants to see when they turn on their television screens.


India’s Got Talent Season 7 is judged by a panel of three judges that include the very beautiful and ravishing Malaika Arora Khan, popular film director Karan Johar and the evergreen Kirron Kher. The combination of these judges is amazing since they are all have very different personalities and are often seeing arguing about certain participants who they favor more than the other judges.


India’s Got Talent Season 7 has seen some of the best performances so far and while there were a number of performances that impressed the judges, some contestants stood out and won the hearts of the judges. These included performances by Papai and Antara who were dancers,, Aishwarya Pandit who is a singer and one of Karan’s favorite contestants, Suleiman who is a flute player and also Pallabi Halder, The Mangniyar Seduction, Nrityam Angels and Brijwasi brothers.

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IGT Winners of all seasons

Season 1 Winner

The winners of India’s Got Talent’s first season were the Price Dance Group that hailed from Odisha.

Season 2 Winner

The season 2 winners were the Shillong Chamber Choir from Shillong, Meghalaya who were led by Neil Nongkynrieh.

Season 3 Winner

This season was won by the Suresh and vernon group.

Season 4 Winner

Two young dancers Sonali Majumdar (7) and Maraju Sumanth (13) who hailed from Kolkata won this season.

Season 5 Winner

Season 5 was won by Ragini Makkhar and her Naadyog Academy.

Season 6 Winner

This season was won by  Aerial Dancer Manik Paul of Barpeta, Assam.

Winner of Season 7


The winner of India’s Got Talent 7 is a 13 year old flautist Suleiman . The finalists are Papai and Antra; The Mangniyar Seduction; Brijwasi Brothers; Suleiman; Raju & Sachin; Akash & Athrava; Tirshna The Band; Incredible Mallakhamb; Nitish and Group; and Rock On all of which are very different from each other.

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