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Indian stand up comedian Nitin Gupta Wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Worth, Assets

Nitin Gupta is a famous Indian stand up comedian who is an IITian. He is a chemical engineer by education. Nitin Gupta says that it is not a simple task to make people laugh. While chatting on a message, to write LOL or ROFL is very easy but making people do that in real is very difficult. It is not as simple as it seems to be. He says that he is also the founder and the CEO (Chief Entertainment Engineer) for a stand up comedy and a Theater company. He is a literally an entertaining guy and people enjoy his company. He also believes that comedy comprises of both art and science and not everyone can do it. Nitin’s parents were concerned when he told them about his career switch and they weren’t sure if what he is doing is right. But he still chose the path and made sure to make them proud. Nitin believes that humor is the point of view and you can be very honest with it. it can break the daily nuances make you think a little more about the conditioning that you have been brought up in. It is the reason gone mad, you don’t really need a reason to have humor in life. It is just there.


Indian stand up comedian Nitin Gupta

Nitin Gupta is an IITian turned Standup comedian who wants to take the Stand up Comedy to a different level in the country. He is hard working and he knows how to make people laugh. He is also the founder of the Entertainment engineers, because for him comedy is an art. He aims at making Stand up comedy respectable in India and making it mainstreams. He made his first public stand up comedy in the year 2009, in front his friends in his college. The first comedy of Entertainment Engineers brake was in MNIT Jaipur. Since then the group has performed in various concerts in IIT, IIM, Fortune 500, TED Talks and many other events. It is one of the most famous group and people love the humor. The Team currently has ten members and they have performed in various big events.

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Net Worth: Not Known

Personal Info:

Name: Nitin Gupta

Nickname: Nitin

Date of Birth: Not Known

Age: Not Known

Place of Birth: Not Known

Schools: Not Known

College: IIT Bombay

Marital Status: Not Known

Affair: Not Known

Religion: Hindu

Profession: Stand up Comedian, Founder- The Humor Beings

Languages Known: Hindi and English 

His youtube channel

It has around 77k subscribers todate.

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