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How to Unwrinkle and Press a Leather Jacket at Home

Winters pinkish coldness is knocking doors and we all are ready to welcome the laziest season of the calendar. The wardrobe lovers have a great like for the season as it let you apply several clothing combinations that perform a dual task to let you fight against the seasonal illness and let you carry your charm and confidence with trendy jackets and sweaters. Leather Jackets in the recent time has made a comeback in the market with a fancier look to offer and a great safety measure against winter breeze.

The problem with the leather is that the stuff gets wrinkles if you performed the task to store it with a careless attitude, the wrinkles may mess your planning for the perfect evening out with a leather jacket and Denim jeans. You just pick up your Leather Jacket and after seeing lots of wrinkles at the back and the front the butterflies in the stomach for a perfect outing substitute with clear signs of panic.

You don’t need to look for the next better option to wear, the article contains several methods about the process with detailed steps that will surely help you to solve the Leather Jacket malfunctioning.

Leather Jacket

Method 1: Pulling or Stretching the Leather

Step 1: Equip a Hanger: Our home is installed with a number of hangers here and there, for the special task you need special hangers with wide shoulders, the wide shoulder will surely help you to not create additional stretch while pulling Leather in a convenient position.

Step 2: Hang the Leather Jacket at somewhere Sturdy Place: Hanging the Jacket to a place where you can pull the leather easily is equally important, you need to fix it to a coat rack or closet or other articles where you can apply force easily by pulling the Leather down.

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Step 3: Pull Gently: Position is now fixed with surety to not collapse once you start pulling the leather stuff, now it’s show time just grab the wrinkled area and pull it in opposite direction for the  best result. For a more profound way pull it first from the top than from the bottom and at last gently pull it from both the directions.

Method 2: Steaming the Jacket with Steamer

Step 1: Getting a Fabric Steamer: There are many options of Fabric Steamer available to buy, as per your budget and best advised Steamer available through online mode, you need to buy an effective as well as durable Steamer.

Step 2: Switching on Steamer: Maintaining a perfect steaming range is the utmost importance in the process, just manage it to a preferable temperature and slowly bring it in contact with leather. If you allow it of a sudden the fabric of Leather may get damaged by the process opt for the slow option.

Step 3: Hang it vertical with Hanger: Hanging the Jacket will help the fabric to straight up and form the perfect position on its won with the help of natural weight of the Jacket.

Step 4: Steam it Carefully: The last step in the process is to steam the Jacket at the wrinkle oriented area with an equal proportion of steam from outside and inside of the jacket if possible. Don’t forget to keep it few inches away from the Jacket in order to ensure safety.

Method 3: Steaming with Shower

Step 1: Allow Hot Water to form Steam: Keep the temperature of the Water around 40-degree celsius and allow the hot water to form steam as steam is your asset in the process, let the steam fog the surrounding.

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Step 2: Allow the Steam to form big: In the process of letting the Hot water run ensure the doors correctly shut down in order to not allow the steam to lose its grip in the bathroom. Put the Garment on  Hanger in the Steam midst of steam and let it absorb its form.

Step 3: Allow Garment to take Steam: If you are willing to take a shower, allow the garment to be placed in midst of steam for a long 15 20 minutes than the steam starts to disappear with coolness remove your cloth before that period.

Step 4: Smooth the Garment: Now it’s the final procedure time, put the garment flat on an inclined surface and gently pull the stubborn wrinkles and you will see the result wrinkle free garment.

Method 4: Ironing the Leather

Step 1: Heat lows the Iron: Basically Leather is not meant for pressing or Ironing, the fundamental process need is to avoid severe heating.

Step 2: Cover the Jacket: Before applying the Ironing process, for the safe procedure cover the Jacket with thick 100% cotton cloth.

Step 3: Apply Quick Iron Remedy: With light hand move quickly the iron above jacket, avoid using it slowly or applying more heat on the wrinkled area as it can damage the fabric.

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