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How to test to check the purity of Petrol?

In India, it is well-known fact that petrol pumps do not sell the pure and high-quality petrol. The petrol pumps situated in national / state highways sell kerosene mixed petrol to the consumers. Oil producing companies in India have the strong policy to sell only the pure petrol in its pumps but the distributors contaminate it. It is beyond the reach of the consumers to get the pure petrol in petrol pumps even after so much sincere effort by these companies. Mixed petrol harms the vehicle engine in a big way. Therefore, it is always advisable to test the purity of petrol before putting it in your vehicle.

There are a number of ways by which you can check the purity pf petrol. Here are few simple and convenient methods to check petrol purity.

petrol purity Test

Method 1: Filter Paper Test

Take the filter paper and put 2-3 drops of petrol over it. If the petrol evaporates within little time leaving no stain or mark on the filter paper, it means petrol is pure and of good quality. If it leaves any stain or mark on the filter paper, then petrol is not pure and of bad quality.

Method 2: Thermometer Test

If the petrol is mixed with some other oil / lubricant then generally its temperature comes down than the normally prescribed limit. You can check from the Oil producing companies what is the normal temperature of unutilized pure petrol. Put drops of petrol on the thermometer and noted its temperature. If it is below than the prescribed limit suggested by Oil producing companies then it means petrol is not pure.

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Method 3: The Marker Test

This test of petrol purity is carried out by marker system which was designed and developed in the United Kingdom. Under this test, fuel is mixed with 2.5 parts per million in proportion to measure the purity of petrol. It consists of the digital analyzer by which you can determine the purity level of petrol.

Method 4: Copper Gauze Test

Put few drops of petrol on copper gauze. If it contains kerosene then it will burn immediately leaving smell and dust. This signifies impurity in petrol.

Method 5: Burn it to Test

For test the petrol using this method, you can take the small quantity of petrol in a vessel and throw a burning match stick in it. If it catches fire instantaneously and burning with the bright color flame then it means petrol is pure and of high quality. Otherwise, if it burns slowly leaving dust then it means it some portion of kerosene in it.

This is the list of 5 simple and easy ways to test the purity of petrol. You can use any of the tests to check the petrol purity before put it in your vehicle. Hope this will really help the consumers to determine the quality and purity of petrol they are using for their vehicle.

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