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How to Register For SBI Mobile Banking Service?

The registration process for the SBI Mobile Banking is common for all other State Bank group banks. The process is very easy for registration and includes only two steps; first, is downloading the right application for your mobile phone and the second one is to activate your services. We can register for SBI Mobile Banking Services either by SMS or by Application.

SBI Mobile Banking

Registration through SMS

  1. For getting the User ID, send SMS “MBSREG” to 9223440000. In few minutes you will get a reply that includes your User ID and default MPIN.
  2. Next step is to change the MPIN as it is mandatory for the customer to change the MPIN. For changing the MPIN SMS “Smpin UserId Old Mpin New Mpin” and send it to 9223440000.
  3. Now you have to activate the service by registering at ATM, firstly you have to ensure that you have changed your older MPIN before going to the ATM. Visit the SBI ATM and after swiping your card, you have to choose Mobile Registration on the screen, then enter your ATM PIN. Then follow these steps Mobile Banking – Registration – Enter your mobile number. After checking the data you have entered correctly click on YES option. After this, the screen will display the mobile number you have entered and after verifying the number choose Confirm option. You will receive an SMS regarding successful registration.
  4. To get the MMID for the account, send an SMS “MMID SBI” to 9223440000.

Registration through Application

  1. The first step is to get the User ID and default MPIN by sending SMS ” MBSREG ” to 9223440000. After few moments you will receive a User ID and default MPIN.
  2. Next step is to download the mobile banking application from the respective app storesof Windows, iOS, Android or any other platform on which your mobile works.
  3. Now you have to change the default MPIN, for this open the application. You have to click on the SBI freedom, then type your User ID, choose login from the options and you will be requested to change the default MPIN.
  4. You have to activate the SBI Mobile Banking services by going to ATM and swiping your card. Then follow these steps choose Services – Mobile Registration, then clicks Mobile Banking, then select Registration. After entry, the correct details and your mobile number, then choose to confirm. You will receive an SMS regarding the activation of your account.
  5. In the setting of the SBI freedom application, click on Change Channel option and select GPRS.
  6. To get the MMID for the account, send an SMS “MMID SBI” to 9223440000.
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