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How To Prepare For CAT? How Toppers with 99% Percentile Prepare For CAT

So, you want to be the next Leader of The Nation. Right? So, all you have to do is crack CAT and you win half the battle. But is it that easy to score as high as 99 percentile? Well, yes it is if you are ready to do more than burning the midnight oil or merely rolling over the books. To crack open the gates of top IIMs requires a lot more than studying or mugging up the books. To reach the head of the curve, you must be ready to go that extra mile in preparing.

So, we interviewed toppers, researched on Do’s & Don’ts and compiled a list of tasks following which you can easily bang on the CAT score with 99% percentile and jump start your business practice with a top IIM. Read on carefully and we wish you all success in the exam!

  1. Clear the ‘WHY’

From scientists to entrepreneurs, great people always say ‘As You Think, So You Become’. So, get this absolutely clear in your head as to why you are preparing for CAT, for name, fame, money or just to boost your passion towards business and management. Making this clear encourages your mind to help you concentrate in your studies and persist in it.

  1. Understand Exam Philosophy

Before you start preparing for CAT, you need to understand what this exam is all about. For details about the exam, you can bookmark its official website It will keep you updated of the latest exam syllabus, exam pattern, exam dates and application procedure.

  1. Give Mock Tests

Appearing in mock test wakes you up to the reality as to where you stand in the heavy competition. When you know where you stand, you can then plan your study schedule accordingly. Mock tests also let you understand about your weak areas and your strengths as well. Besides, they give you a working knowledge of negative marking and evaluation criteria of the exam.

  1. Choose A Coaching

It’s always a good idea to have a mentor or coaching as you prepare for the exam, until and unless you have your sibling into IIM to guide you. Choose how you want to go about it. There are quite a many good institutes that offer CAT coaching. TIME institute is excellent. You can easily choose from the many instituted most convenient according to your location and budget.

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If you want to go for online options, there are a number of paid and unpaid courses available on various websites like,, etc.

  1. Study Smart Not Hard

Do not rush over to complete the entire syllabus quickly. Check the chapter wise weightage in the syllabus and prioritize your study plan according to the time left in the exam date. This will help you study peacefully.

  1. Create A Time Table, and FOLLOW!

This is the thin line that separates toppers and failures. Every tradition says that persistence and patience are the keys to success. That is, even if you don’t study a lot, study little daily. This prepares your subconscious mind into practice. Set a time table. Study few hours daily and give timely mock tests – weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Study, give mock test, study weak areas, give mock test and repeat. This is a sure shot way to success.

  1. Work On Concepts

CAT is far more about just mugging up the formulae and definitions. It mainly focuses on concepts. So, strengthen your concepts. Rather than learning a method to solve a question, try to develop your own tricks and methods to find a solution to the question in lesser time. Your grip over fundamentals must be very very strong and tight if you want to score 99% percentile in the exam.

  1. Compete, But Don’t Compare

Everybody has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, a candidate can be good at calculations while another candidate can hold strong on vocabulary. So, even if you find yourself weak in any area, don’t lose hope. Do not compare yourself to others. This doesn’t mean that you don’t compete. The areas in which you are stronger, try to beat the best candidate at it. Always keep a track of relative success; this is what percentile is all about.

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In short, Make your weaknesses your strengths and strengthen your strengths a bit more! After all, your willpower has no competition. Does it?

  1. Strategy

Before you head on to the examination table, it’s great to have a prior plan of the strategy you’ll use in attempting the exam. This can prevent any anxiety or pressure during the exam. For this, you can plan as to which section you’ll attempt first, which ones second and so on based on your strengths and speed.

  1. Recreation

All work and no play makes John a dull boy. True indeed. A little dose of fun and recreastion is always important to keep your mind rejuvenated and refreshed. Take out a few minutes daily to exercise, to listen music or to simply sit back and meditate.

So, geared up all for CAT? Get set go then!

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