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How to make your Number appear as a Private Number

Every telephone in service comes with a number, that’s what differentiates each telephone from one another. Based on this numbering system the whole modern telephone communication system works. How would someone call another person if they don’t know their telephone number? There’s no operator like the first generation telephone technology and the typical PSTN or cellular technology don’t depend on username tech like VoIP apps, thus the number is the primary identifier to a phone.

However, the caller may need hiding their number for various reasons, most of these are incorporated with privacy. Maybe calling to some sort of business where the business shouldn’t know the number, or calling a person who doesn’t need to know the caller’s number – a set of reasons may be compiled. Whatever is the reason, there are few ways one call make their phone number appear as a private number on the called end.

The procedures are mentioned here. However note that, this feature is operator dependent and unless it’s natively offered one can’t avail the caller ID barring feature.

How to make your Number appear as a Private Number

Ask your Network Provider

Very first step regarding hiding the caller’s own number should be getting in touch with the service provider. The customer support department could brief whether this feature is allowed for everyone to avail and if there’s any legal issues. Some laws does not allow hiding the caller ID by federal law and some offer certain conditions on it. The telephone operator would know the details and can provide necessary information. If hiding the caller ID is totally permissible then they would also inform the procedure as well. Some fees might apply on few operators.

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Caller ID Blocking Prefix

Regions where blocking the caller ID is allowed, or for the allowed customers only – there are few prefixes that will notify the network to not show the caller’s ID to the other side. However, like earlier mentioned this is totally dependent on the operator. The blocking prefix for some regions are as following: North America – *31# and *67; Germany *31# and #31#; Japan 184; New Zealand 0197 for Telecom and *67 for Vodafone; India *31#; Hong Kong 133 etc. If you are not sure if your country supports mass hiding of caller IDs, then you may try *31#, #31# or *67 as these are more generic.

Handset Option

Almost all mobile phone comes with the option to block caller ID on the other side. There’s no guarantee the feature will work unless the network operator confirm it, but at least the caller won’t have to remember all the blocking prefixes to hide their called ID. To hide the caller ID do the following:

  • Android: If your smartphone is running Android 4.0 or below, go to Settings> Call> Additional Settings> Caller ID> Hide Number. For Android 4.1 and above go to Phone, tap the menu button then tap on ‘Call Settings’. Under Caller ID section, tap Hide Number.
  • iOS: Inside Settings, navigate to Phone> Show My Caller ID and toggle the On/Off switch.
  • Windows Phone: Inside the Phone dialer, tap the more button (three horizontal dots) and go to Settings> Show My Caller ID and select either No One or My Contacts.
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These methods can readily turn the caller ID for a phone on or off; if the network provider and law permits.


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