How to Link PAN Card to PNB Account – Online & Offline Method

PAN Card is allotted by the Income Tax Department to any person who fulfill the required conditions and documentation whether he is a tax payer or not. But the main purpose to issue PAN Card is trace the tax payment and Income details of those person who applies for it. CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) has the authority to issue PAN Card. Most of the banks has made it mandatory to link PAN Card to your bank account because PAN Card helps as adistinctiveness proof for the person to carry out certain financial transaction.

Currently, bank compulsorily demands PAN Card for most of the transaction. And those who have not updated their KYC are asked to update soon by linking their ID Proof along with the PAN Card. So, we come here to help you how you can link your PAN Card if you are a Punjab National Bank Account Holder. PAN Card can be linked by two ways i.e.

Online and Offline and the steps for both of them are mentioned below:

Offline procedure to link PAN Card to your PNB Account

Link PAN Card to PNB Account

Following are the sequence of steps that you should follow to link your PAN Card to your PNB Account.

1. You have to attend your bank physically where you have upheld your bank account.

2. Get the PAN Card updating form from the form counter.

3. The details asked over there should be filled up. Those are the basic ones and ensure that the details you filled are correct.

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4. Handover the form to the concerned department of the Bank along with the Xerox copy of your PAN Card. They may also ask for the original PAN Card just for verification purpose.

5. That’s it. Now the bank authority will verify you PAN Card number and give you an update through SMS or E-mail after your PAN Card is linked to your Bank Account.

Online procedure to link PAN Card to your PNB Account

Avoiding the complexities of going bank physically you can also link you PAN Card from your house simply by the help of laptop and an internet connection. Following are the sequence of steps that you should follow to link your PAN Card to your PNB Account.

1. Visit the official internet baking login page of Punjab National Bank.

2. Enter your ID and Password of your internet banking after getting into the web page.

3. After logging in to your Internet Banking Account, you need to go to the ‘REQUEST TAB’ located on the right-hand side of you facing the screen.

4. When you enter to the REQUEST tab, select the ‘ADD/UPDATE PAN NUMBER’ option which is available inside the ‘REQUEST’ tab over there.

5. You will see a box where it will be indicated to add your PAN number. Enter your PAN Number specifically there and select ‘CONTINUE’ option.

6. It’s done now, you will receive the confirmation from the bank when will PAN card number will be updated.

The time reserved by the bank to verify and update the PAN number is generally one week whether you do it online or offline. But, this option is available to individuals only. For companies, HUF, associations and other non-individuals they should physically go to the bank. It is suggested to update your PAN card with the bank account to avail the income tax benefits.

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Updated: January 20, 2017 — 8:09 pm

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