How to Link PAN Card to Canara Bank Account – Online & Offline Method

For any Income earning person, the most imperative document is PAN CARD. It is provided by the Income Tax department. One must necessarily submit PAN Card if he wants to open account in Canara Bank. In case a person doesn’t possess a PAN Card, he should submit a special form 60 and 61 along with the valid reason of not holding a PAN.

There are basically two procedures to link your PAN Card with Canara Bank account viz. Offline and Online mode. Customers who want to update and link their PAN Card with their Canara Bank account at a future date can simply visit a branch of the bank with the required documents and within a small period of time the procedure will be completed.

Offline Procedures to Link your PAN Card to your Canara Bank Account

Link PAN Card to Canara Bank

Follow the Simple Steps given below so as to link your PAN Card to your Canara Bank Account:

1. Visit the bank where your account has been opened.

2. Get the KYC Form and fill accurately all the required information related to your PAN.

3. Now attest it with the signature wherever necessary.

4. Provide the obligatory documents to the officials of concerned department, such as your PAN Card’s self‑attested Xerox copy, KYC Upgration Form, along with a letter discoursed to the Branch Manager with a subject mentioned aboutupdating of PAN Card in your Canara Bank Account.

Online Procedures to Link your PAN Card to your Canara Bank Account

  • -Currently there is not any procedure to link your PAN Card to Canara Bank account through online method. Once it is updated then it will be updated to you.
  • -What most you can do is, download the form from the official website of Canara Bank and follow the simple steps given below to link your PAN Card with your Canara Bank Account:
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1. Visit which is the official site of Canara Bank.

2. Download the KYC (Know your Customer) form to update PAN number or you can download Individual KYC form from this link directly‑

3. After duly filling KYC form and submit it Canara bank branch where you maintain your account.

4. The officer at the bank shall authenticate the photocopies of your document with the originals, thus make sure you carry your original PAN Card and the related documents when you visit the bank. The entire process of linking your PAN Card with your Canara Bank Account usually takes no longer than 20-25 minutes.

Linking PAN Card with your respective Canara Bank account is very much important as it has many benefits of doing so. At the same time, you may face many consequences and difficulties if you do not link PAN Card with your Canara Bank account. The major consequence of linking a PAN with the Bank account is that you will have to pay tax on interest earned on the deposits. Further, person those who have a PAN Card but have not linked it yet with their bank account will not be granted their TDS Certificate (Form 16) by the bank.

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