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How to Link PAN Card Number to United Bank of India Account – Online & Offline Method

United Bank is a public sector bank with its head office in Kolkata. The bank never failed to deliver impressive results in terms of growth. Talking about the services that the bank offers, a customer has a wide pallet of services to choose from as per their requirement. With the digitalization of India, it has become necessary to have a PAN card and the PAN should also be linked to the central banking system in order to take tax benefits as well as to avail benefits under Direct Benefit Scheme. A lot of people didn’t had a valid PAN until demonetization and as of now it is mandatary to link the PAN with account so here is how you should go about linking the PAN number with the United Bank Account

Updating the PAN through Online Medium 

Link PAN Card Number to United Bank of India

The PAN number can be updated through the net banking. To update the PAN number through online banking, follow the steps given below –

1. Logon to the login page of United Bank of India. The link for the website is

2. After accessing the login page, enter the login credentials and click on the login button. You will be redirected to My Accounts Tab.

3. On left hand side, you will notice an option ‘Link Your PAN Card’. Click on the option and you will be redirected to the request page.

4. On the new page, you will get an option to select the Bank Account to which you want to link the PAN number to. In any case, the PAN number will be linked to all the accounts that you have with the bank.

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5. Enter the PAN Card details and click on the Continue button at the bottom of the Page. This will trigger the security system to generate an OTP. Enter the OTP in the input box and click on the submit button.

6. PAN Card will be updated in 2 working days subjected to verification. A confirmation message will be send regarding the same.

Updating the PAN through Offline Medium 

The second way of updating the PAN number with bank is by walking in the home branch and following the steps given below–

1. As mentioned, go to the home branch along with your PAN Card.

2. Fill in the KYC form which is also known as the request form and sign the form at the required place. Do not forget to attach a photocopy of you PAN Card.

3. Submit the form to the executive and collect the receipt for the same. You will notice that there is a request number mentioned on the receipt. This request number can be used to track the application in the later stages.

4. It will take 2 to 7 working days for the bank to update the PAN and it is also subjected to verification by authorities.

5. Application number given can be tracked simply by calling the Phone Banking Executive and if in case you do not have the number for United Bank, follow the link to get the number United Bank Phone Banking

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