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How to Link PAN Card Number to UCO Bank Account – Online & Offline Method

UCO Bank was established pre-independence in 1943, pre independence. The bank also has branches in Singapore and Hong Kong. The bank is a public sector bank and since its inception, the bank had been quite popular. After demonetization, government has an eye on unaccounted money and any deposits made post 8 November 2016 has high probability of being scrutinized. To avoid the hassle ensure that you Bank Account has the PAN details registered. In case you haven’t registered the PAN with your bank account, do not panic as here is a step by step guide on linking the PAN number to the Bank account.

There are two ways of linking the PAN and both are described below-

How to Update the PAN through Online Medium 


If you want to update the PAN through online medium, you should follow the steps given below –

1. From your computer, browse to the UCO Bank’s website. The domain for the website is

2. After opening the website, navigate to the login page of the bank account and enter the login credentials. This should take you to account summary page.

3. On left hand side of the page, there will be an option for ‘Request’. Click on the option and a drop down menu will be displayed.

4. In the drop down menu, click on “PAN Card Updation”. This will redirect you to a new page where in you will be asked to enter the PAN Card details.

5. After entering the PAN Card details check the box which states that “I agree to terms and conditions” and click on submit button. It is advisable to go through the terms and conditions.

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6. A request number will be displayed and the PAN Card will be updated in 2-4 working days subjected to verification by the bank.

How to Update the PAN through Offline Medium 

If in case you are not comfortable with using the online banking, you can also get the pan updated by the traditional way. To get the PAN updated through traditional way, steps to be followed are –

1. Visit the Home Branch of UCO Bank along with your original PAN card. (Home Branch is the branch where you hold the account).

2. Locate the Bank official and ask for a Know Your Customer Form. It is also known as KYC Form.

3. KYC needs to be filled carefully and the details of PAN must be mentioned. If you are not sure of any detail, please confirm the same with bank executive.

4. Sign the form at the bottom and ensure that the sign matches with the sign on account as per the official records.

5. Submit the form and collect the receipt for the same. The receipt would have an application number which can be used to future for tracking and correspondence with the bank.

6. The PAN number will be updated in about 2 to 7 working days.

7. To track the status of the application, call the bank’s customer care at 1800 – 274 – 0123 and share the application number with the executive.

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